Breakout Kings Promo: Raising the Steaks

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Next week on Breakout Kings, an oversized inmate is poisoned and his coffin is used as a “Trojan Horse” for two inmates to bust out of the Cayuga Correctional Facility.

Meanwhile, one prisoner, out for revenge, brutally murders a prison guard, causing friction with the other prisoner, who only wants a huge payday and to live in luxury.

The murder just increases the urgency to catch the cons:

Elsewhere, Ray dangles a tantalizing "carrot" in front of the team. Only the proverbial carrot is non-vegetative and probably a whole lot more appealing than an actual carrot.

Between Erica, Shea, and Lloyd, whoever proves to be the most useful on this case will be the proud recipient of a tasty steak dinner. Hence, the episode title, "Steaks."

Are you liking the concept and characters on the show so far? Read our review of last night's episode, "Fun With Chemistry," and tell us what you think of the A&E series.

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It has the potential to be a good show, but the formula is already wearing thin. Were the writers unprerpared for the show to get picked up past the first 4 episodes? Ray is not a good cop, nor is he sympathetic. In fact, his uptight yelling is tired as tired gets tired. The black on black racial tension seemed to have come out of left field and was conveniently resolved by the end of the episode. Hopefully this was the series low-point, otherwise we're in for a whole lotta disappointment and squandered potential - hey, it could be like "Bones" and run for 5 years without a scintilla of realism.

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Breakout Kings Quotes

Lowery: Acute emotional deregulation, elevated rage distortion, no..
Charlie: So, Tilman is dangerous. OK. That's some insight.

Ray: And necessity being the mother of all evil...
Charlie: Invention.
Ray: Whatever.