Breakout Kings Review: The Hits Keep Coming

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Breakout Kings is one dangerous show, where violence has consequences and not everyone makes it out alive.

"There Are Rules" started off with a group of cons who didn't go over the wall - they went through it. The tractor-trailer that barreled that lent them an escaping hand was messy but effective. 

There Are Rules Scene

The driver was shot and killed at the scene and the prison guard they took hostage took two bullets to the head off screen. What struck me about that was that the guard had begged for his life, telling them he had a four-year old waiting for him at home. It didn't matter.

The home invasion was just brutal. I gasped when Chester slammed the resident in the head with a sledge hammer. The poor man suffered for quite some time before he died. There was no purpose to the killing. It was simply savage and showed that these cons were capable of anything.

The next con running into traffic and getting hit by a bus seemed almost tame in comparison.

Charlie was sure willing to play fast and loose with Shea's life. Did he want to see Shea's dead body to prove that he was in danger? Shea certainly proved to be a survivor. He may not be the biggest guy, but he makes up for it with sheer tenacity and will.

Meanwhile, the sleeping arrangements were hysterical. Erica complained about her tight underwear as Ray tried to ignore her attempts to get his attention. 

How about Charlie and Lloyd sharing a bed? When Lloyd got his revenge by sleeping "unencumbered," I laughed out loud at Charlie's reaction. If I were Charlie I think I'd sleep on the floor, or at least order Lloyd to do so.

With the new Director breathing down Charlie's neck for results, following the rules quickly turned into do whatever you've got to do. For Ray, that translated into shoving a lit lighter up a man's nose. I'd guess that that clears out the sinuses.

I'm sure the everyone earned a newfound respect for Charlie as they overheard him standing up for his team, even willing to get bounced back down to desk duty. 

Parts of "There Are Rules" were harsh but it drove home the point that anything can happen on this show. It made me wonder when one of our Breakout Kings team might find themselves on the wrong end of the violence.


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I agree. Lloyd, Shea, and Julianne are my favorite characters in that order. Ray is my least favorite of the bunch which is a problem since the show seems to follow him. Lloyd and Charlie's bedroom scene was the best. I couldn't stop laughing. Overall a great show with a few flaws.


Lloyd continues to be the star of the show and the ultimate scene stealer. He has some of the best quips on the show,which says a lot for a show that is fastly becoming known for its wit. His bedroom scene w/ Charlie was hysterical as was his coffee quips during interrogation. I don't know if Charlie defending Ray (more vehemently then anyone else) will help the others respect him more.Not when he continually treats the others like crap.My one problem is the blatant disrespect that both Ray and Charlie have w/ Shea and Lloyd.Every week it manifests itself. Also the disrespect Charlie exhibits w/ Jules. I at least commend Charlie for extending the very rare apology,even though it isn't as often as he should, but Ray doesn't even do that. They ride and instigate Shea and they schoolyard bully lloyd. It can be fun sometimes but very annoying other times.perhaps because lloyd and shea ( &jules) are my personal favorites.


I found the whole coffee joke Lloyd made hilarious. "I'll take mine Wesley Snipes" LOL.


OMG! Charlie spotting Lloyd's underwear and jumping out of bed was so funny. Especially with Lloyd's smug look. Sweet dreams, ha.

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