He was a rat. He died a rat's death.


You throw a rock in Queens you're going to hit a Jose Rodriguez.


We just put our fates in the hands of an ex-gangbanger convict.


For a traumatized Asian stripper she seemed really reliable.


Charlie: You like jokes Lloyd? You ever hear the one about the psychiatrist who got his teeth knocked out?
Lloyd: It wasn't funny, though.

Charlie: Why is your underwear on a chair, Lloyd.
Lloyd: I sleep unencumbered, Charles. Sweet dreams.

I'm not like you. I don't wear my kid on my sleeve.


I will not go back to making bunks and cleaning toilets just to hang a do on disturb sign on my ass.


Julianne: It'll be me. I mean the Marshals already tossed me once.
Lloyd: Like they'd really shoot Bambi.

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