Breakout Kings Review: Chemistry Where You Least Expect It

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"Fun With Chemistry" was aptly named. It gave us plenty of just that, even in places where you least expected it.

As the chemistry between Mars and Starla exploded into a killing spree, the attraction between team members boiled to the surface. Poor Julianne.

I really felt sorry for the girl. She screwed up her courage to kiss Ray and he pushed her away and looked at her like she was crazy. Ouch! 

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Then when he goes to talk to Julianne about it, Ray says almost nothing. She apologizes. He says "I'm just..." and hugs her when she lets it drop. "I'm just..." what??! Not ready to dive into a new relationship? I don't feel that way about you? What??!?

I know Ray is a man of few words, but a little communication would help. Give the girl something. He really left Julianne dangling there and she had to feel like a fool. 

And Lloyd was right there with her. He thought he had a shot with Julianne, only to realize her true feelings were for Ray. Then he got to witness Ray's rejection. It took guts to confront Ray, but the bigger surprise was Ray's reaction. No, not the part where he puts Lloyd against the wall. That's typical for him. But then he told Lloyd to go and buy her flowers.

Was Ray actually encouraging Lloyd to make a play for Julianne. If Lloyd took his advice I could only imagine Ray would be furious.

Lloyd was getting kicked around on all fronts. First, his disappointment over Julianne and then having Ray let him think he was going to die. Ray did have a plan and Lloyd's real panic helped sell it, but Ray didn't seem to care that he scared the hell out of the man. At least if he did care, he certainly did little to communicate it, but that may just be a theme with Ray.

Erica being attracted to Ray was something I didn't see coming. Not that we've gotten to know a lot about her character but I wouldn't have thought he'd be her type. However, I did love her line when she saw the interaction between Ray and Julianne. I hate being the bridesmaid.

Even Charlie and Shea had their own chemistry. No, not like that! But these two definitely have their own dynamic. 

Shea's authority issues and Charlie's expectations were highlighted in an argument over shoes. I liked when Shea considered running but remembered his first meeting with Charlie. The punishment would far outweigh the reward but I could understand the urge to run being overwhelming.

This week's fugitives were an interesting twist on Bonnie and Clyde. The best part being that Starla was the brains and the dominant killer. Although Mars was the one who slit his own mother's throat. Hard to decide which killer in this duo was more depraved.

As this team of characters continue to develop, Breakout Kings is delivering a chemistry lesson I'm happy to learn.   


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Saw it again... it does seem like you are right. I think it's very strange that Erica's into Ray, they don't seem like each other's type.


Actually, I don't think Erica's into Ray. I got more the impression that she was mocking Lloyd and calling HIM the bridesmaid. For several episodes, Shea and Erica have suspected Lloyd kind of likes Julianne; Erica being a woman, I'd expect she knows this for a fact now. I'll have to watch that scene again, but I don't remember any disappointment in her face as she said that. In fact, I think she smiled.


My favorite scene was the opening when Mars kills his mom. Didn't see that one coming but as soon as he took the girl hostage I knew she was in on it. It's a fun show but I end up liking the cons better than the two cops.


It's because Ray know things about Julianne guys...


What's up with everyone wanting Ray. I don't see the appeal. At least Erica has the excuse of being in prison. Julianne deserves better from Ray. If he's her friend he needs to make it clear what he wants and let her down easy, not keep stringing her along. Good for Lloyd for calling him out on it.


Here is the thing, I like Lloyd, Erica and Shea. But after 7eps, I still cannot remember which one is ray, which one is charlie.

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