Castle Review: "Slice of Death"

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Winner, Winner, Pizza Dinner!

Going into "Slice of Death," I knew this was going to be a classic Castle episode. Sure enough, it delivered.

The installment focused on a reporter doing a piece on the pizza wars between rival shops. Witty one liners, perfect comedic timing, and Alexis cursing made the hour extremely enjoyable.

Slice of Death Scene

Usually the twists and turns deal with who the perp is; but this episode threw us viewers in an entirely different direction.

It wasn't so much about who did it, but how and why this was all connected. The plot of the pizza wars just turned out to be an unexpected bonus.

Alexis took a couple steps forward, getting involved in an actual storyline. Like a normal teenager; she was fighting with a friend, crashed a party, and got into a fight.

But in typical Alexis fashion, she decided to work her problems out the mature way. Her troubles led to some of my favorite moments of the night; one on one time with Dad.

Seeing Castle outside of the clever writer persona is always a plus. His fatherly moments were on point, taking Alexis' side in the name calling asking if his little girl had won the fight.

The series has been on quite a roll this season, especially by bringing the simple fun back after the tension filled two-parter a few episodes back. Could this be the best season yet?

Overall, "Slice of Death" was another awesome episode for Castle. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did the hour entertain or did it fail to deliver? Sound off now!


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I share the opinion of best season so far. I understand some of the major fans were disappointed by the lack of romantic castle-beckett moments but I thought it was actually quite refreshing. Though being an enormous fan I hate to dish on the writers and producers every week. I started loving this show for a reason and love the surprising effect of it every week, and wouldn't want them to listen to people who share their 'better storylines' each week. Yes the chemistry between Castle and Beckett keeps me coming back every week but it's also quite 'real' for a moment not to have that in an episode. I loved this episode just like I loved every other episode of every other season of Castle, and can't wait for next week!


I am a huge Caskett shipper, feeling jerked around by the writers since Countdown. I would be perfectly satisfied if K-Becks would just dump DMB and we could get the magic back, I feel like the ship has already sailed and it might be too late...hoping the last 3 eps in May sweeps throw us shippers a bone so we don't have all summer to be po'd.


No question...Best Season yet! No major moments in this episode,yet the relationship between Castle/Beckett very clearly in a groove. Love how Castle is always discussing Alexis with Beckett. The scene between Ryan and Castle...LOL The Angry Birds reference, WIN! Just moment after moment of fun this episode.


its cool sharing, i like it and i hope that every one will like this,


A fun episode, and having the plot revolve around Pizza wars is very Castle-like. Not incredible, but good. Wish there was more of the usual flirting though, can't get enough of that!


Although I absolutely adore this show, I was disappointed in this episode. There seemed to be none of the banter and flirting that I look forward to every week and not one Castle/Beckett relationship moment to speak of. I love Castle when it is comically cute, deliciously flirty, or emotionally angsty. For me, this one just didn't deliver.

Sue ann

Yes, I think this is the best season so far. This series just keeps on improving. I was pleased with the way that Castle just totally ignored Lanie's comment about the victim's last name and manner of body disposal, and continued to pursue his thoughts on how he knew the name. It was a mature moment. I never did figure out who did what, what was going on, why the victim died, or how the various Nick's were involved, until the denouement, and the show kept my interest totally. Usually, I watch the television with one eye, whilst yacking on Facebook and playing a computer game with the other eye. I do not do that during Castle; the writers repay total attention with total competence in their stories. There is enough meat to occupy the entire brain. That pizza looked good; I was amused that to my totally-ignorant-of-New-York eye, it appeared that Castle made an extra effort not to get any pizza from Manhattan or any of the Nick's, to feed his injured daughter. Very nice. I'd be very dismayed if Alexis goes to college at Oxford, as she mentioned, or if she goes anywhere where she cannot sometimes appear on the show. The father-daughter relationship shows off Castle's character at his best. He really did raise a very fine child. It takes a good parent to do that. Beckett sees that, and it always impresses her with what kind of a man he is. As she is dating a doctor who is out trying to save the world, Castle needs all the points he can get.

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You have to admit, putting a body in an oven is a clever way to get rid of it.


Beckett: You had a lot of imaginary friends growing up, didn't you?
Castle: Still do.

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