Chuck Round Table: "Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner"

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Chuck and Sarah may have gotten ripped off last night to the tune of $26,000, but that doesn't mean your favorite Chuck Round Table panelists are going do the same to you.  See what I did there?  Yeah, a bad a joke.

Anyways, Chuck critic Dan, hilarious physician Dr. Toboggan, and your fearless Round Table leader (myself) are back with this week's edition to analyze "Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner."  So take a seat while we fire up the overhead project and do this:

1. Favorite Chuck quotes of the evening?

Dan F:
Morgan: Today is the day John Casey.
Casey: What? You move out?
Morgan: No, who's gonna do your laundry?

Dr. Toboggan: Awesome: "Hey bro you're in neighborhood watch territory now. Go ahead, try and run, I will be faster because I have superior form."

Eric H: Mine is less of a quote and more of the ridiculous set up that led to pictures of Daphne Peralta posted up all throughout Castle as she was declared the country's biggest terrorist threat in three months.

Chuck RT New!

2. Awesome with baby Clara strapped to his chest in a race against, well, anyone.  Who's gonna win?!

Dan F: Let's be serious...I'm taking Usain Bolt against Awesome and the baby, but if it were Awesome and Clara against Jack Burton, I really would go with Awesome and not just because has superior form.

Dr. Toboggan: Whoops, well see's no contest.  Even with an infant strapped to his chest I do not want to get in his way, the guy's name is Awesome and let's not forget he has perfect running form.

Eric H: Fine, Dan, there may be an Olympic gold medalist or two that could defeat Awesome with baby Clara strapped to his chest.  But even with that handicap, I'd put him up against any creepy perp coming in to that neighborhood.  Put down baby Clara for a second?  That man might be able to take down the Flash.  Or at least Sheldon dressed as the Flash.

3. How would you describe Chuck flashing?

Dan F: I like to compare it to the face Shia Labeouf used to make in his Even Stevens days when he was interested in a girl.  It's kind of like your simultaneously scrunching up your face while un-scrunching it..

Dr. Toboggan: It's a mild seizure mixed with his tasting some fish that has sat out too long.

Eric H: I'm pretty sure Sarah nailed it with her cross-eyed, sour-puckering mouth.

4. Who did the better fake New York Jewish accent, Daphne Peralta or Sarah?

Dan F: Oh it has to be Sarah.  Yvonne has an Australian accent, and was doing a straight American accented person doing a New York Jewish accent.  One of the best we've seen since Robert Downey Jr. was an American playing an Australian playing an African-American playing an Asian during that one sequence of Tropic Thunder.

Dr. Toboggan: I guess Daphne by default.  Sarah just went with the most stereotypical voice she could muster up and as a Jew if I wasn't so infatuated with her I might have even been offended, but probably not.

Eric H: I don't care how many accents Sarah is hiding behind, there was nothing saving that impression from hurting my hears.  Unfortunately, Daphne and her Italian alias probably also should drop the accent.  How did Sarah even get conned by her!?  Anyways, I'm going to cheat and go with Mike Myers in his Coffee Talk skit.

5. Jeff recently went off on Chuck in TV On My Terms.  Defend our favorite nerd!

Dan F: Wait! Who is our favorite nerd?  Chuck?  Or is it Jeffrey?  While I completely understand where he's coming from, I'm still made that he chose to single out us loyal Chuck fans as the main culprit.  Give us a little slack over here.  What will we do without Morgan Grimes?!?

Dr. Toboggan: I understand what he is saying but I have to believe that eating all those Subway sandwiches was for more than just delicious nutrition.  I am also the first one to admit the show is not what it once was but when the alternative is horrible reality shows (not including Jersey Shore or NYC Prep - Bravo please bring that show back) and singing competitions I have to think that NBC can continue to make money off a goofy, funny, family appropriate spy show with a good message at it's core.

Eric H: Geesh, Jeff, have you never heard of character development!?  Sorry, Chuck lost you, but for the rest of us, no, we're not going to go outside and smell some roses or whatever when we can petition to watch Chuck!  Need I remind you how many disgustingly mediocre Subway sandwiches I've eaten thanks to Chuck?  Enough to make even Jared impressed.  See what I did there?  Gosh, who knew you guys were such a tough crowd.  Anyways, let's go creep out some Nielsen households and stalk the hell out of them!

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I have to agree with you Jeff, it's like they got halfway to transforming Chuck into an effective spy and then decided they didn't want alienate their original viewers. Now we are left with a Chuck that is just sort of weird to watch. Also, another issue I have with the show is Morgan. While I don't mind that Morgan was brought into Chuck's spy life, it makes me extremely upset when we see him do things like take out Casey's former team with no training when Chuck basically needs the intersect to flash for him to do anything effectively. Sarah being fooled was completely out of character, even with the whole 'lowering of her guard now that she's with Chuck thing.' It was a pretty terrible excuse just to get her father back onto the show.


I will agree that Sarah/Yvonne Strahovski has shone brightly this season...up to the point where I bailed. If the show was all about Sarah kicking ass, I'd still be watching.(Phase Three was ZOMG) But I'd have been perfectly happy with the series ending with Push Mix. Sadly, though, my once favorite spy-doofus has rubbed off a little too much on Sarah. A little silliness is ok...but flat out letting things get past her (how in the world can SARAH of all people get conned?) yeah, not buying it. And everyone keeps saying Chuck has matured to being a bad ass spy. Um...getting tangled up in the rappelling wires in CAT Squad would prove otherwise. As would the incredibly lame moustache disguise he wore in First Bank of Evil (the episode where I quit halfway through). And his constant, cheesy sneer as he says "I'm Charles Carmichael" drives me absolutely bonkers. All the uber-silliness finally just got the better of me. I like my spies sharp, effective, and jitter-free. When Chuck was just learning, I bought it. A full-fledged spy who can't fully function without an intersect? Nope. Doesn't fly for me. Speaking of the Intersect, all the he's-got-it/he's-lost-it/he's-got-it-again cycles wore very thin for me as well. Anyway those are some of the reasons I bailed, and as I'm now deemed the Chuck-basher (even though my article wasn't bashing Chuck so much as telling the more radical fans to simma down a bit), I suppose I'll deal with that. Just personally don't find any joy in watching the series anymore. More power to those who do.


@Evan - Of course, there can be bad character development. But in this case, I disagree. Chuck had to go somewhere as a spy. I've enjoyed watching Chuck become the Charles Carmichael he (and all of us) has always wanted to be. Sure some of these later seasons haven't been as good as the first when Chuck was first thrown in to that spy world, but you couldn't stay there forever. The show and its characters had to grow up. If you don't enjoy where the show is going past "I know Kung Fu" then stop watching. You're probably not a Nielsen household anyway :) Seriously though, some episodes this season have been fantastic. I've loved Timothy Dalton as one of the show's strongest villains ever. And even Yvonne has really started to even add to the comedy factor as her character's guard has been dropped from everything that's happened. That scene you quoted from this week's episode? One of my favorite in the show's history. And that came this season! I still enjoy the show every Monday. And trust me, I have no problem giving up on shows that I've watched for seasons. I know when shows get terrible. Like good old Lost, 24 and Heroes. Ramble over.


I believe the word you're looking for is "Booyah."


This is to Erik H for his answer to number 5: Unfortunately, there is such a thing as bad character development and I find myself wishing more and more that the show never got renewed for season 3 and instead ended with Chuck saying, `I know kung fu`. That would have left what happened up to each persons imagination and I choose to believe that I could imagine the show still being as good as it once was.
Also, Sarah imitating Chuck`s flash face was one of the funniest things all season.


Keep it up. Just making my point stronger and stronger. :-)


Hey Dan and Toboggan, what do you say we send a giant crate of Subway sandwiches to Jeff's house? Does Subway sell sandwiches by the pallet? Do they ship freight? Either way, I hope they arrive rotten and make his house smell of chipotle sauce that would make Big Mike proud.


Zing! Jeffrey strikes again.


Guys - you're not really doing much to disprove my claim that Chuck fans be crazy! ;-)

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