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While the crux of this episode is merely setting viewers up for the intrigue that will occur next week, "Nothing for Something" still managed to entertain with an intriguing mystery, and the ultimate coolness of Peter Fonda.

I'm already looking forward to next week because Peter Fonda is a solid actor who manages to convey a character that may or may not be corrupt. The story seems to be leaning that way, but there seems to be more to this character, Bill Hunt, than just an ex-cop with a shady past. Just enough of the back story was revealed to keep things vague and mysterious about what had happened, and, lately, it's become a treat not to be overly spoiled with running plots such as this.

Rex Ryan on CSI:NY!

My gripe about Mac and Bill's connection to the ex-con stalking them comes from a tiny plot hole. Mac initially says that he doesn't know who Raymond Harris is, but then in the diner as he is talking to Bill he recounts Harris calling him out a few weeks after he had been put away. I suppose it's easy to infer that once Mac looked the case up again the old memories came back to him, but it caught my attention. Under scrutiny it just feels a little odd.

I'm not sure I understand the random cameos by Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum. I mean, I suppose a lot of cameos exist to be sightings of stars where one wouldn't expect them, but generally in CSI:NY guest appearances hold meaning. I'm sure football fans might have been excited about it, but for me it just played awkwardly.

Jo put on her Mama Bear hat early in the episode when she got Mac to go home because he had been working too hard. Dr. Hawkes even made a point of mentioning that not many people boss Mac around. It was a fun moment, but it pinged as another Super Jo moment. I had thought the writers were ready to step away from that.

Not everything about the character of Jo Danville hits me the wrong way. With her former years in the FBI it made sense when she was able to talk the serial killer down from the building, and read him well enough to know he did not kill the woman the CSIs where searching for. However, it would be nice if that one aspect were her major strength, because when it's coupled with the random expertise of rare paint the character just becomes irritating.There's a word for characters like Jo, and I've been avoiding using it because I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. It just keeps happening, so here it is...Jo is a Mary Sue, and it's ruining my enjoyment of the show.

I was pleasantly surprised with the mystery within a mystery of the main story. I was actually a little afraid that the serial killer plot was going to tie in with Mac and his former partner. It veered in a different direction though, making for a decent twist.

Overall, this was a good episode and an excellent lead in to what will, hopefully, be a great story next week.


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I've read too many spoilers to have enjoyed this episode. The whole finale is based off of Mac solving his last unsolved case, and this entire episode hinted at that. Not only that, but this episode seemed to be hinting at the end of the series--they name dropped Stella, and said that it was one of the last cases she worked on before she left... I don't know about you, but it seems that even the writers are saying goodbye to the show... Goddamn the Friday night killspot!


I agree I didn't get the football thing either but anyways good episode I like Pater Fonda in the episode and its was unlike Mac to not know that guy stole from him. can't wait until next week to see how this Mac and his old partner will playout.


I agree with your review completely. I didn't get the football thing at all, and found it a little irritating. In my writing classes you dropped what didn't add to the plot, but it's also about getting viewers and I think it was a nod to NFL draft day week or whatever it was--because I didn't know. That moment obviously wasn't for me! LOL so I can accept it. I also agree with your analysis of Jo. Stella was starting to come off like that before she left--at least Jo is maintaining something of a personality outside of it. but I also so the art connection to giving her some knowledge. It would be nice to see her pick up the phone and call someone and ask instead of just know. She was a psych person, so was she like the White Collar Peter? Great review. I can handle some holes. I can't handle characters not being themselves. For awhile this season the characters were written off track. I like that they've gotten back to themselves, or however you say it. I also adore Peter Fonda. I don't care if he's bad or good. There was a scene with Mac where he looked like he wasn't pulling off his lines--he was actually playing himself with a slight perception of a lie--I thought it was brilliant. You didn't want to believe him--it wasn't a surprise when he did something unMac like. Can't wait for next week.

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Thirty-two years in a monkey suit my eyes are always open.

Bill Hunt

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