First Look: Damon and Elena in Fiery Vampire Diaries Finale

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Earlier this week, we offered some hints, guesses and Vampire Diaries season finale spoilers regarding the ominously-titled May 12 installment, "As I Lay Dying."

Today, we've got the first photo from the episode.

Will the long unspoken, increasingly obvious passion between Damon and Elena boil over?

Take a look at this fiery, just-released photo and tell us what you think is going on:

Damon and Elena Photo

In the finale, a Mystic Falls screening of Gone With the Wind leaves Damon struggling to keep memories of Katherine in 1864 separate from Elena's clear and present danger.

There's also the much-anticipated, long-dreaded sacrifice ritual, which means that many lives could be at stake. Will the second season of the CW hit end on a harrowing note?

According to TV Guide, the ritual's horrifying conclusion may be an event in which not even Salvatore Brothers will be able to save the day. Only three more weeks ...

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damon kinda looks zoned, but he's never done what i know ha's gonna do, i don't wanna give spoilers in case some of u haven'e seen it yet...






Can they PLEASE date


Nikole thats a very good theory! If Damon gets bitten Elena will freak out and Damon will be like its my last request please kiss me and she might, but thats very twilight with Jacob going to war and Bella agreeing to kiss him in case he dies .


Anyone else the big yellow/orangey thing that looks an aweful lot like a fire in the background ??


At least 70% of the fan-base wants Delena to happen now! Give us Delena...P-L-E-A-S-E!!!


ok if what im about to tell you is true it could be a HUGE SPOILER ON WHATS GONNA HAPPEN SO BEWARE............. damon gets bitten in one of the episodes and stedfan goes and finds a cure this picture damon is gonna kiss elena and shes gonna kiss him back and the kiss is gonna be like the one from gone with the wind .... :)


i dont think that Elena and Damon are going to be together this season! Elena seems that she is completely in love with Stefan and likes Damon only as a friend! But we 'll see soon!


I think they need to give Stefan more time. I like what they have added, and I do love Damon's torture...but I want to see more of these things in Stefan. Like his fight with human blood or the effects of having Elena's. Also Elijah can be explored as a reason to take them apart. what fun is it rooting for a couple that always is together? Their issues are outside more than in atm. Her issues with Damon are more internal and still external. I'd like to see what Katerina does and Stefan's final resolution to this. Also some more Damon going after Elena when he was bad like in book 2. I know blood issues are something they may not want to show, but idk. I wouldn't mind Damon and Elena kissing if he feels it is her last night. She does understand how he his love...maybe Stefan will see them kiss and get the wrong idea. To me Damon is in love with her for herself (she always forgave him in the book too no matter what he did.) This used to bug me, but I see why they made her good just not why she believes in him so much. She is also his Lexi-the one that teaches and believes in him-which is interesting and different than how Stefan and Lexi were friends. I want to hear he say why she feels she can keep forgiving him to make it more real to me. I want to see more of this stronger Stefan, but also his fighting with his nature more. Like this effect and stress as opposed to his controlling his urges.

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