Fringe Review: Olivia's Subconscious - A Life in Caricature

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What a fun episode! Bellivia has been around long enough to be far less annoying, and more funny. Everything about this episode was enjoyable. Much of it comes from the mind of Olivia, via LSD she, Peter and Walter took to try to find her in Bellivia's subconscious.

Hey, it's Fringe, when they were discussing it I was willing to accept anything!

What an amazing way to brig back Olivia's stepfather. Because he hasn't aged in Olivia's mind, he can be the same actor. I absolutely loved that Olivia felt trapped in the first place she visited in the other world, The Twin Towers. For the rest of my life, I will always remember the Season One finale. A masterpiece!

Olivia and William Bell

"Lysergic Acid Diethylamide", however, wasn't being honest with us. That ornery Belly was the one they found. And from there they became cartoons. Cartoons!

It's easy to see why there were no promo pics for this episode. It was just too good to let it leak out ahead of time. There are times for spoilers, and there are times when the journey of watching live is part of the fun. This was one of those times.

Broyles touched the LSD, and it gave Lance Reddick some absolutely stunning material to work with. His entire persona changed. From the first diatribe about the mysteries of licorice to asking Astrid to hold his hand, he made the very best of the material he was given, literally transforming the usually stoic man.

Olivia's mind was a puzzle made from pieces of both worlds and horror movies and so much more. While our heroes were standing in New York City on top of the World Trade Center, I couldn't help but think that it was going to take weeks for them to get to Jacksonville, even if it's only in her mind.

How fast would a Zeppelin travel? It seems to be the method of travel in the other universe, so they must have a lot of time for traveling.

Much like the theory in the movie "Inception," if you die while on the LSD trip, you are out of the mission. That's a much better result than actually dying, like has been purported in actual dream life. Neither Walter nor Peter made it to the final scene of Olivia's trip, but I think the results would have been different if they had.

I felt like I was watching a superhero when little cartoon Olivia stopped her stepfather and an army of those trying to capture she and Belly with a raise of her hand, saying, "Stop - I'm not afraid of you any more." From there she became the adult Olivia, looking stunning and strong. Bell knew all along that his experiment to save both himself and Olivia wouldn't work, and he left his life for hers.

From his sacrifice, an energetic, tenacious Olivia was born. Her character will never be the same. Peter noticed she had drawn one of the men he encountered in the cartoon and asked who he was. "I don't know, but I think he's going to kill me," Olivia said, without a care for anything but to enjoy her snack and Peter's company.

As she chomped on a piece of toast, she let it be known that from now on, she is a force to be reckoned with.


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We had a great reaction soon after some very poor defeats previously in the season and we are around the again of a decline in the mean time, and so the


I have to say it, sure I love Castle and Beckett, Peter and Olivia, Hank and Abby (and anyone but Karen in Californication) but my FAVORITE ship is: Wastrid. Yep. Wally and Astro. I love they way she just gets his weirdness and (when he's lucid) Walter's clear affection for Astrid.
That's all I have to say for this episode, except that I will miss Anna Torv's channeling of Leonard Nimoy - that was a lot of fun to watch. The new Olivia, with the toast and the nonchalanant fatalism? Great direction to take her!


Awful episode, and part of a continuing stagger to the season's finish line. I almost wish this show would be put out of its misery.


I absolutely loved this episode. It wa one of my favorite in a very long time. The references only to movies that i love, Inception, The Matrix, Scanner Darkly. It was just awesome. I saved it on my Tivo because I am going to watch it again it was so good.


I have to admit, watching Broyles on LSD was HILARIOUS!! What a great smile Lance Reddick has!! The cartoon element was excellent, Olivia's mind is quite an interesting place, I don't think I'd want to visit there any time soon. I do have to agree with GinaRClark regarding Astrid finally calling Walter a different name. It was soooo funny. This episode definitely ranks as one of my favorite, and I think part of that was because it was less about the alternate world and more about helping a friend in need and seeing a character really come into her own. WELL DONE!!


"I felt like I was watching a superhero when little cartoon Olivia stopped her stepfather and an army of those trying to capture she and Belly with a raise of her hand..." Just like Neo at the end of Matrix 2: he raised his hand, said something, and stopped the robots like they hit a brick wall.


@GinaRClark Kirk Acevedo was not in this episode. He is Charlie. Lance Reddick is Broyles. Just if you are confused.


Loved last night's Fringe and your review. I've heard it called "FringeCeption: Through the Scanner Darkly" among other things. Joshua Jackson looked hot in the dream Matrix. Anna Torv should get more than one EMMY for all the characters she's creating on screen. I especially like that Olivia's timidity is gone, that I believe is one of the reason early episodes seemed a little flatter by comparison. Well she's rockin' the world, no wait, two worlds, now. I laughed out loud when Astrid (Astro) finally retorted by calling Walter "Wally." Kirk Acevedo finally smiled (a lot) on television, eureka! His "I am death" reference may have been an obscure LOST reference... Did you catch the actual LOST reference with the MacCutcheon scotch bottle, very cool. LOVED the chances the producers and writers took. Paid-off big time for this fan.


I just didn´t like one thing... Olivia and Peter didn´t share even one little kiss after so much work to bring her back... how come?


That episode was amazing!! I laughed a lot. I laugh quite a bit with this show, but i laughed double this time. I cracked up when Peter said "He's bald, i think he's an observer" to Astrid. So funny. But i was so shocked when Olivia said that the man was going to kill her, without a care in the world about it. It's like she's completely ready for anything that is thrown her way. It took almost three seasons for it, but here it is. I can't wait to see what happens next! This show is the best on TV.

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