Game of Thrones Review: "The Kingsroad"

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Did anyone else want to be Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) as much as I wanted to be when he was smacking the crap out of Joffrey? Joffrey's entitled attitude made him my least favorite character. Even Jaime's charisma gives him a pass for what he did to Bran.

His other qualities let him skate. Joffrey was brought up without any such qualities.

I loved the scene between Jaime and Jon, and I don't know that I will ever forgive George R.R. Martin for making such a beautiful character take the black. Jon's love of family, his siblings and father are so deep. His life could have been full of joy, but instead he vows a life of celibacy and servitude.

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In the books, Catelyn told Jon that it should have been him that was hurt instead of Bran. We didn't need the words to understand what she was feeling, as Michelle Fairley has ensured nothing we know of Cat is hidden from the audience.

If you watch Army Wives, which I also cover, you would have noticed the conversation between Catelyn and Ned about men always using excuses to go off to war very familiar.

That women are left behind to be strong in the men's absence. I had never thought of it in quite that way before, and yet two shows shared the same sentiment within a week. Just something to ponder, even today in this warring world.

Jon asking after his mother before leaving for the Night's Watch left me with a sense of foreboding. What are the odds they will ever have the conversation Ned promised? At the very least King Robert goaded out of him Jon's mother's name: Wylla. His reluctance to talk about her leaves me to believe it was far more than a cheap affair that gave life to Jon.

We learned a little bit more about the feud between the Targaryen feud. Dany's and Viserys' father killed Ned's sister Lyanna and the love of Robert's life, as well as Ned's father. As strange as the Targaryen's are, they are a real threat to all who have come in contact with the family.

Watching Khal Drogo engage in sex with Dany, I could feel how frightened and degraded she was. The Dothrakis' have no thought of love or emotions, but rather raw, sexual conquest. Her handmaid taught her to take control and this will generate a change in their relationship. I loved the way his eyes bore into her for every second, as if he was dumbfounded at the instant bond formed between them.

There are clearly not enough scenes of the Direwolves in this adaptation. My favorite scene of the episode was after Catelyn complained about the howling of the wolves, only to find they were raising the alarm. As she valiantly fought her son's attacker, Bran's Summer showed her what the protection of a trusted Direwolf really means.

When the lying, sniveling, cowardly Joffrey embarrassed himself again, which seems to be the curse he will face the rest of his life, Nymeria's protection of Arya left me reeling. That Arya had to let her go was easily one of the more heartbreaking scenes we will encounter in Game of Thrones, although surpassed by the lovely Lady receiving the ultimate punishment on her behalf.

The first step of the downfall of Sansa in my eyes began in "The Kingsroad" when she layed her allegience at the feet of the Baratheons, rather than the Starks. Her redemption will not come lightly. That Joffrey stood idly by while his "lady" bore the pain of his lies only made what Sansa gave up for him more upsetting.

Our first glimpse of the depth of connection between the House Stark and their sigil, the Dierewolf took meaning when Lady's death brought Bran back to life. Things will only get more interesting from here.

Certainly, the two month trek from Winterfell to King's Landing was not an easy one, worn with tragedy and the beginning of even more desperate times between the Starks and the family of the King he has sworn to serve.

Movie quality cinematography, intense acting and vivid stories lend credence to the brilliant world created by George R. R. Martin. Everyone engaged with this rich production should be incredibly proud. I've been overly impressed with Mark Addy as King Robert.

His remarkable ability to infuse his performance with such humanity cannot go unnoticed. He steals most every scene he graces. I expect more and more breathtaking moments as Game of Thrones continues. What about you?


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The miscarriage conversation isn't in this book, yes, but Cersei does mention to her brother (and actual father to her kids) in one of the later books that she intentionally aborted all of the children she actually concieved with the king. So not so far off after all.


Seems to me that I'm benefitting from not having read the books. A lot of complaints about this moment or that moment. Lucky. It's impossible to boil a book down into a few scant hours of TV. Especially a beloved book. This is why I'm terrified about the impending Dark Tower adaptation. I think you guys are gonna have to cut the series a little slack in this respect and allow the show to be it's own entity. I liked it, I gotta say. I love Pete Dinklage's character. I think the Tomboy girl is a pretty old saw but she's fun... And Sean Bean brings it always.


Where did they get the scene with the Queen told Lady Stark about a miscarriage of a male child etc. That was not in the book.
They removed weeks and weeks of scenes of Lady Stark by Brans bedside, with nothing to explain it, nor all that happened after the attempt on his life. actually the book only mentioned that she had spent that long by his bedside and without scenes from the book to direct them, it be adding a differnt scene that wasn't in the book instead of the one with queen. the one with the queen works better on film anyway


@Kath Baer
all that stuff with dany was thrown in because
1. the sex was an important part of the book in terms of how the relationship grew and
2. because if they had followed the book exactly there would be some episodes where she is there for only two minutes or not at all, so it was neccasary to create scenes to keep her in the show every episode
the whole jon and arya relationship thing, i think they did an excellent job of showing there closeness.
i too missed brans dream, maybe they start with that next episode?
on the whole this is a faithful adaption and i enjoyed the episode immensely


I was totally unhappy with this weeks episdoe. Last weeks was full and not rushed. This weeks was rushed and awful.
Where did they get the scene with the Queen told Lady Stark about a miscarriage of a male child etc. That was not in the book.
They removed weeks and weeks of scenes of Lady Stark by Brans bedside, with nothing to explain it, nor all that happened after the attempt on his life.
They did not explain any of Brans visions while he was unconscious.
They didnt explain any of the closeness of Jon and Arya. The scenes with Drogo and Dany were only 1/8th of the whole story between them and felt very rushed without any explanation of how they grew together etc. So it just felt like they are just giving the audience some sex for the point of sex, not the vitality it had in the book.
The scenes between Dany and her maid were not necessary either and could have been done so much better, and also not in the book, so they added things to titalate the audience and left out so much of the story. I really didnt like it this week at all.
Maybe I was expecting too much since the Author said they were going to follow the book and this episode didn’t even come close.
Tyrion was the only one faithful to the book this episode. All the others had too much left out.


What is with all these people who keep saying they will no longer watch just cause Lady died? So, what, it's okay for a child to get pushed out a window, but for some "poor wolf" (who was barely even seen) to have a quick death? WHAT...THE...FUCK?


No i think the death of Lady is only going to further Sansa from her family, and i think she is just blinded by the thought of being queen, but now she has seen the real prince and he's no prince charming so its her fault if she marries him and ends up depressed like Lena Headly


The show feels rushed. Everything is moving too fast, without any time for character development. What's with the magic wolves that just popped out of nowhere every time their owners were in trouble?


I can relate to what @raja say. Maybe more moderate but I agree that I don't really sympathise with Sansa...I didn't in the books and I still don't in the show. I mean, if her sister was wrong ok she could defend the Prince, but no she saw the scene...I never really understood what she saw in Joffrey (and his mother) but she will regret it sooner or later, if it do not start with the lost of Lady.
Anyway, great show! Everything is here, the cast is brilliant, as the atmosphere and all! 5 stars for me!


i dont think sansa deserves to be felt sorry for she doesnt even have the basic human instinct to protect her family and because of that she lost lady which is an unfortunate punishment. although to be fair im not too sure how it may have all gone down if the truth had been told but you should always stand up for family especially if you are from one like the starks.

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Jaime: Tell me you're not thinking of taking The Black.
Tyrion: And go celibate? The whores would go begging from Casterly Rock. I just want to stand on the edge and piss off the end of the world.

I have no interest in hospitality or comfort. I'll stay with Drogo until he fulfills his end of the bargain and I get my crown.