Glee Music Preview: "A Night of Neglect"

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Next Tuesday (April 19) on Glee, Sue learns of New Directions' attempts to help fundraise for another underdog school club, and tries to stop them with the help of various antagonists.

More importantly, in “A Night of Neglect,” Gwyneth Paltrow sings on Adele’s “Turning Tables”, while Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) takes the lead on Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers,”

Guest star Charice (Sunshine Corazon) channels her inner Celine Dion for “All By Myself,” and Amber Riley (Mercedes) offers her take on Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way.”

Watch Fox's promo and listen to all four songs below!

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I LOVE Charice and Celine Dion!! Can't wait 4 2 night


its charice baby and only charice worlds best. otherwise no charice no watch glee


not a Charice fan, she's good no doubt but not really into her... Shows like these doesn't mean you have to have an amazing voice. It needs character. I like Lea, she can make you hate her then make you love her. I think the original cast deserves to be on their place.


@HMM Celine is Celine and Charice is Charice. Both have their own style. As they are both professionals, no one is better than the other. It is simply a question of taste and preference. You say she sounds nasally, I say not. On the contrary, I find Celine's voice to be quite nasally and (at times) unemotional, yet I still appreciate her talent. Btw: That All By Myself is not the Glee studio version - LOL. And for those who want to hear her live version, I suggest you go to YT.


I don´t know if I´m the only one but whenever Charice sings big songs like this, I get always a goosebump and feel want to cry.


I like all the songs but what I'm really looking forward to is "Somewhere only we know" and the plot around it. Can't wait for my weekly dose of Klaine.


I so love Charice's voice and this All By Myself is insane! Can't wait to see Sunshine again, been long waiting for this.


Sigh...when will Tina get a real solo? Like a good one? Like something from Broadway or at least a decent ballad? Lea's not the only one who has been on Broadway since childhood, y'know...


I miss glee


i love the warblers version of somewhere only we know! darren criss is a great singer

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