Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Kids Stay in the Picture"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, TV Fanatic Managing Editor Mister Meester is joined by our esteemed President Gossip Guy for an in-depth discussion of "The Kids Stay in the Picture."

Our colleague DANdy is off partying with Jack Bass on a multi-nation tour of Southeast Asia and currently unavailable, so it's a two-man show this week ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: Absolutely goes to Dorota for correcting Blair and identifying Dan as more of a Labrador than a toad.

Mister Meester: Blair defending Dan and putting Chuck in his place. She may have been too quick to dismiss what she has with Dan, but at least she recognizes him for the standup guy he is, and tore Chuck a new one for involving Dan in his "plot."

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2. Focus on Lily's relatives and husbands: Fun change of pace or boring filler?

Gossip Guy: Oh those were here relatives? Seriously, I was wondering who that old lady was. What happened to the fun sister we met in the flashback!? B O R I N G. Hopefully, Charlie will prove to be fun and not just a weird incestual love interest of Dan. Wasn't her cousin / your step-sister enough for you? I saw that look you were giving her...

Mister Meester: I'm not writing this off yet because there are still four episodes left, and there MUST be more to Carol and Charlie than meets the eye, but this was not an exciting episode largely for this reason. The writers have been obsessed with Lily's back story ever since the spinoff that wasn't. I just hope they came up with something good this time and that it ties in with the larger narrative. Also, Dan had better not hit that.

3. More random, out of place confidant: Eric (for Dan) or Epperley (for Chuck)?

Gossip Guy: Please, Eric is so awesome I'd buy him as anyone's confidant. Plus, he's at least been paired up with Dan in previous episodes. Bringing back Epperley, and just explaining her complete change of character in one line? Pff.

Mister Meester: Epperley. Eric felt a tad forced but he's family, which is never too big a stretch. Besides, it's Eric. That kid rocks. Chuck and Epperley plotting - unnecessarily, no less - and sending clandestine texts just felt silly to me.

Circling the Wagons

MEN OF LILY: The Rufus-Will drama felt a little ... unimportant.

4. Do you like Nate and Raina as a couple?

Gossip Guy: Yes, the scenes between them in Nate's bed were absolutely riveting. Much like my sarcasm.

Mister Meester: Hey, the guy needs someone something to do. No, really, I like seeing him as the supportive boyfriend and hope the producers give this relationship a chance to really work (even though I have a hunch it won't happen).

5: Rate last night's episode on the Vanessa Uselessness Scale (1-10).

Gossip Guy: This is why I logged in to my inbox to answer this round table. Holy crap. We've always joked about Vanessa being useless before. And unfortunately, I feel like the boy who cried "Vanessa is Useless" because I wasted all my ridiculous numbers. No number can really express just how useless she's become. She literally hides in shadows and comes in too late with advice via voicemails... MULTIPLE TIMES THIS SEASON. Just kill off her character already. Fine, you forced me to give a number: 7,248.

Mister Meester: 9.9 / LMAO at Gossip Guy.

6: Team Dair, Team Chair or Team Prince Louis?

Gossip Guy: Team Dair. They were too nice to each other this week with all that prince/princess crap. Bring back that witty Dair banter from the real Queen and her toad Labrador that I crave. Leave Chair for end game.

Mister Meester: Dan and Chuck sure left the door open for a third suitor, didn't they? Neither stepped up and Louis is going to make them pay the price. The question is whether either Chuck or Dan will fight to win her back - next week's promos sure look like the donut is back in the picture, but things aren't always what they seem. In fact, they usually aren't in Gossip Girl promos. To actually answer the question, I really miss Dair - at least the chemistry and the wit, the connection and them spending so much time together - but ultimately, romantically, I'm hoping for a Chair engagement at season's end.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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I'm quoting here, I wish it was mine, but I totally agree with the spirit of this. TV Fanatic has deleted some of my posts in the past, whoever it is (administrators, moderators, etc.) I'm seriously going to complaint if you delete this post (and if there is a rule prohibiting to mention other websites, somebody please tell me, thanks).
"Chuck and Blair weren’t “meant to be�. Blair was supposed to marry Nate and feel second-best for ever. Chuck was supposed to grow into Jack Bass, a soulless, coke-snorting playboy. That Chuck and Blair fell passionately in love was an impossibly beautiful mistake. Victrola in 1.07 was a gift from fate. Neither of them, especially Chuck, have got to grips with it yet. Nothing in their childhoods or early teens prepared them for it, and they keep running and failing and screwing it up. They still haven’t forgotten what they were supposed to be. Look at them in 4.09, with Blair trying to win over Nate’s mother (of all people) with her supposed saintliness, and Chuck’s career inseparable from his bad boy reputation. And in that episode, a slip and a kiss reminded us of the first time the thunderbolt hit them. Fate hasn’t been kind to Chuck and Blair, but the one time it delivered - in 1.07, with a minion’s disclosure, a ring, an arrest, a limo and a stage - it really delivered. And I want to keep watching, because if the fates ever start working in CB’s favour, then by God, you can bet your life the film will be melting off the projector all over again." Also, I just read this analysis, and I'm worried about Dan. I don't know how many times do I have to repeat that I like Dan, I have nothing against him and I still think Dan and Serena have a shot (and no, they're not blood related, get over the Scott thing and stop being so prude!). I'm quoting again a girl from Tumblr (Magical Thinking) I don't agree with everything she says about Dan but I agree with this part about Blair and what she says about Dan at the end worries me: "Yes, Blair does in fact scheme, and always has. She has been a manipulative, devious, Machiavellian mastermind since the show’s very inception, and that is what drew me to her early on. But this does not define her, and it is not the sole reason for my appreciation of her as a character. No, this does not define her, but neither does crying at a Fellini movie about a prostitute who is continuously screwed over by men until she learns to value her independence. Blair is neither a very bad person, nor a very good person. Her scheming is a symptom of her immense insecurity and her desire to control everything and bend every reality which doesn’t suit her purpose or conform to an ideal around her iron will. Dan does not want to see these things. In this respect, he is very like the Blair of old who refused to even acknowledge that anything existed outside of the ‘movie of her life’ version of her reality. I have always felt that he fell a little more out of love with Serena every time she failed to live up to his exacting ideal of her; this romanticized notion of who “Serena van der Woodsen� was before he even met the real Serena van der Woodsen. I don’t spend a lot of time analyzing Dan’s behaviour, or his motivations, because I really do not care enough about him. But what I do know is that if he keeps compartmentalizing the people in his life, painting them in tones of monochrome, and indulging in fantastical notions instead of dealing with the reality of a person who is flawed, fallible, and human, he will never know anyone, and he will certainly never know what it is to truly love someone from every hair on their monstrous head down to their cloven hooves. "


Why on earth would any woman want another woman to CHOOSE to be with a guy who traded her to his skeevy Uncle in order to save a hotel? Then after some begging, when Blair didn't take him back right away, he sleeps with someone else. Chuck is vile, and discpicable. Nothing would make me happier than seeing him alone and miserable in the end. I used to like the character, but he's not longer interesting OR likable. Besides that, EW seems to be sleepwalking through his scenes. He has chemistry with no one besides LM, all of his other pairings have failed miserably because, without Blair, he is just plain BORING. Bass industries? DON'T CARE. Dan, meanwhile, is quirky, entertaining and fun, he and Blair have tons in common, AND they are mature and natural together. I definitely want DAIR as endgame. To have Blair go back to someone who pimped her out for a hotel would be such a horrible example to set.


i feel like they left me confusing in this show. I was waiting for 6 weeks for Dair but nothing happened and how the majority seems to want Chair all the way till marriage, while i finally found what always stucks in my mind about something that Dair always have had from day 1, first time i realised the writers were connecting them in this season. Dair is sweet, less drama and healthy. If Blair ends up with Chuck, she'll probably be just like Lily in future, won't she?


I suggest a new question to be added to this round table:
"Rate last night's episode on the Gossip Girl Uselessness Scale".. Having in mind the character of "Gossip girl", where she sends out rumours and secrets..Where is he/she? Oh, and don't tell me she will reveal the "Dan-Blair kiss" secret, because evrybody knows about it already.. P.S. and please, please, please no more Blair and Chuck!!


In the beginning, I'm Chair. I was even heartbroken when they broke up. But with the way the story is going, I saw how cute Dan and Blair looks together. Now I'm team Dair. I wish in the end Blair would realize that Dan is who she really likes.


One of my favourite quotes of the episode was probably Blair's "Fut-the-Wuck?"


Angie@. No it really doesn't sound that interesting. Did you see hers and Dan's exchange. Just from that seen I'm 95% sure that she left college to crazily stalk a guy and will probably do the same to Dan. @Gossip Guy, you are a champ, good sir. That is probably the best reason to ever check your inbox.


my fav part of the episode was that even extended family were in the photo eg cousins and ex husbands and yet jenny was still exluded! Haha!


@angie yeah, I also want to know what happened to Charlie in college, sounds like it was something big.

Pennys boat

not a bad ep for me. Penn was gorgeous as usual & even more so ("Im here to get my pic taken" was beyond hilarious)))))))
Scenes with Erik were presh too. Even better considering i used to hate scenes with advice from exes (Nate for Dan, Serena - to V) in S3. Eric at least never dated Blair so i bought their convos 100%.
Adult drama didnt bother me. Well Im an adult & the whole fam sl was inetersting. +Rufus fnally was enjoyable.
NR lost its adorableess of that icecream scene, felt like the repeat of Ntae/Bree...
Blair got some dignity back by cutting chuck off. way to go!
& dAIR IS MY CHOICE OBVIOUSLY. For now & for endgame though i bet all these silly Chair tweet warriors will obviously get what they want in the end. i wish writers just man up & write what's natural progression for both the wonderful labrador & intelligent princess.

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