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Are Dan and Blair over? Why do we care about Raina? Will Vanessa stop pining for Dan? Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran discusses all this with TV Guide.

With a new episode on tap tonight and just three more after that this season, here's what Joshua has to say about the above topics, as well with Blair's trio of suitors.

Perhaps most interesting is what he has to say about the show's "endgame" for Blair ... or lack thereof. Excerpts from his lengthy Q&A with the magazine below:

The Lady With Red

On whether Dan and Blair are over: "No, keep watching. Of course that story is not over ... What I will say is Dan and Blair were four seasons in the making."

"To come to the place where they were able to admit they were friends was four seasons in the making, so hopefully it will not take another four seasons to find another level in their friendship. The story between them is not over."

On Blair's love triangle/quadrangle: "There are people who we're in love with when we're 16, and they're not the people you end up with - unless they are the people you end up with. The writers are on the same journey with Blair as she takes it."

"Who knows where it will end up? Obviously, Chuck and Blair have a bond that will never be severed, but does that mean they end up together in a conventional sense? We'll see."

On whether Gossip Girl producers have the endgame planned out: "No. That's one of the things I love so much about TV. You get to grow with the characters. The only time I would ever say we had an endgame is if we knew the show was ending."

"The show is not ending and we look forward to going down the road with these characters. Hopefully that's many years off..."

On whether cast members want to move on: "At this point, we're waiting for our Season 5 pickup and our actors are all contracted through Season 6, so we look very much forward to working with them for at least the next two years."

On Jenny's future: "Jenny remains very much a part of the show. As for whether she returns this season, I have to say wait and see — I don't want to spoil it! As for the future, we're still waiting on a Season 5 pickup before we decide anything."

On whether Ben's coming back: "There are no plans in the next five episodes, but the story continues. We had planned well ahead of time that this was going to be the number of episodes for that story because it was part of a larger arc."

"It had to lead to Lilly's arrest. So, it wasn't a question of working or not working - it was always our intention to leave it where we did. We're happy with the way it played out. But it's Gossip Girl, and there's always a chance for people to return."

"In our minds, the doors are never closed to anyone."

On Raina's upcoming role: "The Thorpes are all part of the same spine, which is sort of 'the sins of the father,' or parents rather, that we've created this year."

"You'll see in the last episodes what exactly transpired between Bart and Raina's father Russell and Raina's mother - that story is of a piece with the Lily story."

Charlie on Gossip Girl

On newcomer Charlie: "She hasn't been allowed to be a part of [the UES world], so she's coming to grips with just what she has missed her entire life."

"Whether it's the family she didn't know or the money she never experienced, it's about what that does to her. Also, it's about her maybe having feelings for ..."

On whether we're supposed to hate V: "Vanessa, in my mind, serves an important purpose. She's Dan's childhood friend, and she's watched him slowly become more and more consumed by the Upper East Side - or pulled into it, as it were."

"His father married into it. She's sort of that voice of reason for Dan."

"Whether or not that's true reason or what she thinks is true reason, Dan is going to a place she didn't want him to. That's what we deal with in terms of Vanessa."

"That's what we play with. In these last five episodes, she's very much trying to help get Dan back to his roots. There are fans that don't like her and fans that do."

"But as writers, she serves a very specific purpose."

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more importantly, how much is Blair's Chanel bag?


chuck and blair were over for me when he sold her for a hotel. how can any girl EVER get past that? being a big chair fan, i was really disappointed after that incident, and if blair chooses chuck, i will lose any respect i had for her. how is she being a POWERFUL woman by going back to the man who threw her to his uncle? dan helped her realize her dreams and for that IM ALL FOR DAIR!!


Oh Pleeeease! There is no purpose for Vanessa. Everyone hates her. Get rid of her. She is more sucked into the UES than Dan is. She is always scheming nowadays. If Dan falls for her crap again I swear I'm done with this show. Jessica Szohr is enough reason for me to quit watching. I am glad about the Dan and Blair thing though. It's good to know that there is no planned endgame because its true, the characters are evolving. At first I didn't think blair could be with anyone BUT Chuck, now I dont want her with Chuck. I want her with Dan. FOr sure. And I like Charlie. I'm going to be bummed if she turns into the next Jenny or Vanessa or something Oh yea. GEt rid of Vanessa!


I am so glad at hearing that it is not the end of Dan and Blair after all that like they said it took 4 seasons just to admit to friendship so here is to hoping to more you know what is funny is all the smug know it all's out there who love Chuck and all they ever say is Chuck and Blair are endgame I hope not he had plenty of chances Blair has been his forever and now that she is happy with others he wants her typical man well I never pretended to know anything I just hoped more developed between DAN and BLAIR


Dan WAS going to give Vanessa a break then she yet again thought she knew what was best for him and went behind his back. I think Chuck/Raina is going to come back in play. They have A LOT in common. And you need that drama...I don't know what it is but I just don't buy Nate/Raina. It's also like Nate is trying to pimp her off to Chuck. Every chance he gets he's all 'You know who you should talk to, Chuck?' it's his new catch phrase. As for Charlie; I'm not liking her. I'm done with Van Der Woodsen Drama; expect I loved Lilly getting back the Upper East Side bitches.


That's my issue with Vanessa. "SHE doesn't want Dan to do it". She sticks her nose where it doesn't belong and does it in unhealthy and cruel ways. Also it's not her place to tell him WHERE to go and do. If he wants this life; shouldn't she just be happy for him? It's not hurting him. Vanessa GTFO. I don't trust Charlie. There is something up with her; as implied by her mother, Carol.


was used to be the BIGGEST Blair/Chuck fan. I loved them so much. I loved Chuck, I loved Ed, I loved Chuck with Blair. I got butterflies every time they kissed. I squeaked every time they had sex. Or did anything adorable-like (Yay S3). I made up excuses for every time he f*cked up. And I forgave him every time he apologized. .... until he tried to pimp her out for a hotel. I was sooo angry when Blair not only forgave him, but also said she "equally to blame." -- WHAT!? You went up to the hotel voluntarily, so you deserved it? WHAT KIND OF MISOGYNISTIC AND VICTIM BLAMING BULLSH*T IS THIS!? The only person who should have been blamed is Chuck. Blair is blameless. She was lovely, and sweet, and willing to sacrifice herself in a absolutely selfless moment. Blair has given way too much of herself, compromised too much of who she is, to be with Chuck. I used to be so into the CB Epic Love crap, but true love isnt supposed to be so freaking hard. Which is why Im now totally completely on the Dan/Blair Train of Awesomeness. They are so much better together. They really do bring the best out of each other- in a way that Serena and Chuck never did. In a way that Serena and Chuck never could. OMG BLAIR AND DAN NEED TO BE END UP TOGETHER.


Totally in agreement with Dan and Blair, I love them as friends! Together they're snarky but caring, she's realised he's not Brooklyn trash, he's realised she's actually human. They have a connection that I want to see last. And besides, Chair's endgame. After four seasons of all this love/hate, they have to end up together. I swear there's a rule about that. Oh, and, there are fans that like Vanessa?? Where???


Dair on the making and no endgame!? Dair planed for year (big laugh)... Well... it sounds like the writers are a little tired. And I really think GG should stop at the end of S5. If these spoilers are true, the show is on a bad path. I'm gonna watch the end of S4 because since 4x18 it has become interesting and worthy again. After that, depending of the spoilers I'll keep on watching or not. If Blair and Louis go on, I'll watch. If dan and Blair somehow become a couple... well I'm done with this masquerade show.


i agree with lily. i want a chair engagement too. i miss them soo much . for me they hold the show together and make it interesting. And chuck and blair have so much more in common then blair and dan have and ever will have. and blair and dan will never have the chemistry that chair has. and like chuck said he is the love of her life and she is the love of his life. they better be endgame =) and i am soo very much hoping for a chair wedding in season 5. they should have it in the 100th episode of gossip girl :) that would be perfect, and epic:) just like chair.

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