Gossip Girl to Bring Back Olivia, Eva and Juliet For Season Four Finale?

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This rumor comes to us courtesy of famed celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton, so make of it what you will. It would be pretty wild if this actually went own.

According to Perez, Hilary Duff will reprise her role from last season as Dan's ex-girlfriend and movie star extraordinaire, Olivia Burke, in the season finale!

Not only that, but Clemence Poesy (Eva) AND Katie Cassidy (Juliet) are both also apparently returning to the UES for the last episode of the show's fourth season.

We haven't been able to independently confirm this report, but we welcome your theories on whether you think it'll happen - and whether it should, and how ...

Chuck and Eva Picture
Juliet Texts
Hilary Duff at NYU

What could possibly bring all three of these memorable characters back to the Upper East Side - and why isn't Michelle Trachtenberg's Georgina Sparks included in this rumor?

UPDATE, 4/8: Duff will not appear, according to new reports.

However, Michelle Trachtenberg has been spotted on set, and Desmond Harrington is set to make yet another appearance as Jack Bass. Awesome ...

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so blair is going to make the mistake to return to chuck again !!! and then eva will be back and chuck choose her over blair and make blair insecure again!!!?!! it would be much better if dair didn't end that way blair wouldn't get hurt of eva , because we all know that no matter how much chuck claims to love blair when he s given a chance he will ruin her life all over again , because he just don't want her with another man. so if blair makes the mistake to choose chuck at least don't bring bavk eva to feel her with insecurities, let her have a happy summer and whatever awfull thing chuck is going to do to blair because he will, let him do it next season..... i prefer to see georgina back thougth much better than eva and will only scheme with serena and maybe dan


Juliet no. Olivia, can't see it. BRING JENNY and GEORGINA! At least they will be entertaining. I loved Eva! Not sure how she will fit in tho with the stoylines... guess we'll have to wait an see, and if these are rumours pff i'll still be waiting to see what happens, season 4 is the best season so far.


I don't believe this spoiler and not only because it comes from Perez Hilton, but because basically is too much for so little time, we already have plenty with a finale that is going to cover 2 episodes even though the action will only take 1 night of GG world, with Georgina and Jack Bass already confirmed to appear in the show, Raina also staying in the show until the finale and the cousin Charlie who is going to be in the show for more than 1 episode if not all 5 of them (and the guy with Serena in LA). The Hillary Duff thing seemed the most possible because there was also a rumor going on that she would return in season 5 and her character would be different from last time we saw her, all vindictive with Vanessa because Dan and Vanessa did hookup after Olivia left, the plot seemed a little out of the blue to me but the rumor even said that Hillary Duff had said that she was happy to return to GG and yet now we know she is not comming back for the finale, the season 5 thing probably is also a fake rumor and if this part of the Perez Hilton report was wrong then the Juliet and Eva part probably are too. One way I see possible for Eva to return is through a flashback, this would have sense like when at the end of 4x1 Chuck was having all these recollections of his wrondoings while he was practically delirious because of his wound. Another way is that Eva was involved with Louis somehow while she was a prostitute in Prague, you have to remember that Dan and Serena found out about this through a website promoting her services along with other girls, I'm not saying that she was a high class call girl but if she was working for people that could put a website with her photo among other women then maybe her services could be requested by some high class people from time to time and Louis could be among those, who knows, maybe Chuck or somebody else tracks down this conection and brings her back to NYC to expose Louis. As for Juliet, I can't think of many reasons except that maybe she's involved in court proceeding against Lily like somebody suggested here or the ultimate thing is that she goes balistic and comes back with who knows what intentions, which would be too crazy in my opinion, not that GG isn't capable of this(clearly this show has issues with boundaries). I don't see Juliet forming an alliance with Jack or Georgina, she already acomplished more than what she intended in the first place, she got some vengeance and on top of that her brother was released, something neither of them was expecting to achieve, and the way I see it Jack doesn't have something to offer her or that he may need of her, Chuck was tangencial to her vendetta and as for Lily she's already been prosecuted, Georgina also doesn't have anything that could possible involve Juliet but the truth is that we don't even know why Georgina is comming back. In fact these are all theories and only when we see the episodes will know if these spoilers have any chance of being truth or not.

Kimberly anne

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT EVA!!!!!!!!!! I HATED HER FOR KEEPING CHAIR APART. JACK BASS should be enough drama from the past and Juliet too, no one wants this PROSTITUTE! Chuck better no fall for this bitch again or I will hate him forever. But its so obvious that it is what she is here to do. The only possible reason for Eva to return is to distract Chuck so her engagement with Louis is all the more posibble.


I'm glad that Georgie is comming back!She always complicates things between other chapacters and this makes worth to watch!
Eva? no never again! She was totally colorless and boring. Simply she doesn't fit in this show. Juliet has potential, it was funny to watch her, I would like to see her back too.


1. I'm sad that Olivia isnt coming back... she was very sweet!
2. Juliet and Eva doesn't need to appear on GG, ever again, actually. They are boring!
3. Georgina Sparks needs to appear on GG more, A LOT more. Even that baby storyline with her was lame and boring, but she makes GG exciting to watch!
4. Jenny Humphrey needs to come back too! Jenny Humphrey, not Taylor Momsen I mean. Lil J has been way too Taylor Momsen on GG.
5. Can Vanessa please DO NOT appear on the season finale? Better yet, can she please be kick out of the show already?
6. Nate need to be a little more interesting to watch. He's been incredibly boring, even with that pretty face, it's sad!

Gaby ee

Oh well, it's better if Olivia doesn't show up. It would have been unnecessary to bring back Hilary Duff's character for the finale. But Georgina, on the other hand, will be awesome! I can't wait to see how it all turns out.


none of them should come back for the finale. It should just be the main characters. Not even vanessa should be on the finale. I wish it would just be dan,nate, chuck,blair and serena for once. Interacting with each other and that drama rather than bringing in guest stars every five seconds.


I am glad Juliet is coming back because we need a great villian alongside Jack Bass.


Juliet needs to come back. She rocks! Eva is a lil boring but I guess they might bring her back for Chuck - then C will be boring too- yawn!! Georgina should totally return.

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