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Olivia could play a part in how serena meets the director guy ....


Umm, this has to be the most unrealistic finale ever lol.
Such jam packed episode.


I think this rumor is BS. The source is Perez Hilton and for that reason alone i dont believe this story. Its funny how he says Oliva, Eva, and Juliet come back for the finale, yet he does not know that Georgina actually is going to be at the finale lol! Katie has been busy filming a pilot in New York, Clemence was in New York but it was for other stuff. When would Katie and Clemence have found the time to shoot GG if they were busy doing other things? I think the only person I can see making an appearance is Hilary Duff. Since the ratings are really low I think the writers might decide to bring Hilary back so ratings can go up a bit.


Eva and Olivia, don't really care. Juliet, hell yes! I loved that crazy bitch and all the drama she brought!


I do not hate Eva, is just that Eva is beautiful but tasteless, colorless, tasteless, without the extra spicy that Blair has, the charm that Blair has that makes her the perfect couple to Chuck.
Another thing, Gossip Girl is not a Disney serie, where everything is rosy and hunky-small eyes, not a show for goodness and fairies. GG is a show dedicated to the gossip, the drama, the intrigue, the suspicions, Gossip Girl depicts a group of people living, which is imperfect and that in their imperfection, they make mistakes and engage in a whirlwind that I doubt happen in real life.
And this is it, I want Chuck and Blair back. I've said before, I repeat, before the dynamics of Chuck and Blair, I was not interested in GG. I've seen GG on S4, with the hope to have Chair back.
Plus, Chuck loves Blair as she is, he has never claimed Blair to be different from what she is, he just accept her. Like Blair, she fell in love with Chuck and his demons, she knows the background of Chuck and accepts him. As they are, they are perfect for each other and from my point of view, no one in GG, has the spark and charm of Chuck and Blair.

And if there is no Chuck and Blair, this time I'm so done with GG.


I'm tired of CHAIR. I want DAIR, that's my opinion.

Blair is a strong woman, I don't know why the writers want to portray her as a stupid girl who... I'm tired.

I want Dair, that's IT.

Oh, AND I LIKE EVA FOR CHUCK. She's sweet and he's a better person with EVA around.

I don't like Olivia, but that's because I don't like Hillary at all.

And regarding to Juliet... she's not a bitch, she's nothing compared to the GODESS ALMIGHTY GEORGINA SPARKS!!!!

Bring Georgina. Let DAIR go on, and let us be!


I think Olivia is coming back just because probably Serena will bump into her on LA. Eva will come back with chuck, but as you said will hook up with Louis so chair can have their path for season 5. As for Juliet she was a great villain the first half of season 4 maybe she is coming back to cause crazy drama like the old Georgina used to. Georgina right now is old news, if they are bringing her back it need to be a crazy plot so she can be like the Georgina from season one.


I love the actress who plays Eva.
I tolerate Juliet becauses ahe ads dinamism to the plots (at least for half a season)
I haaate Olivia. Die. With Vaness. And Chuck.
And yeah where IS Georgie?


Maybe Chuck brings Eva back as his final drawcard so that the Frenchies can hook up and he can have his Blair back. I would so love to see this, a hooker ending up with the Prince!!!


what's wrong with eva?
i don't understand why people hate eva and v.

i mean, is it 'cause eva and v are "every day" people like us? the fact that they don't run around in the season hottest items and louboutin shoes reflect our petty life? is that it?

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