Grey's Anatomy Episode Preview: "It's a Long Way Back"

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When Grey's Anatomy returns April 28, everyone pulls together to help Callie and baby Sofia on their painstaking journeys to recover, so that mother and baby may finally meet.

The death of a clinical trial patient has Derek proceeding with more caution, as Meredith makes a calculated but risky move, while Teddy is surprised by a familiar face's return.

Finally, Alex treats a cranky old rich woman dying of cancer and gets an idea for a grandiose endeavor that is sure to get him the Chief Resident spot. There's a lot going on!

Here are some photos from the episode, "It's a Long Way Back" ...

Callie Torres On the Mend
Cristina, Lexie Pic
Doctor Callie Torres Pic
Seattle Grace Doctors Hard at Work

Follow the jump for ABC's earlier promo for the return of Grey's Anatomy ...

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Wow half the stuff i read is complaining!why would u through such a fit ova 2 people getting more attention then the other i think its awsome that calzona getting screen time and i lik merder too but merder got alot of screen time before!


not a musical, an actual television episode? groundbreaking stuff i tell you. groundbreaking.


Hmmmm I've read all your comments and it is funny everyone is bitching there head off. But the "Music Event" episode had over 12.7 million viewers. If ya ask me that is pretty damn good for a show that has been on the air for 7 seasons. Those of you that is sick of "Calzone". Hmmm seems ya might as well just get used to them being the focus for the rest of the season. In 7.19 Callie works to get strong enough to meet her new daughter. And all the other Doc's help her make it happen. In 7.20 "White Wedding" Callie and Arizona get married. I'm looking so forward to that episode. Finally I hope that Arizona gets something she wants. Cause up to this point it has all been about what Callie wants. Well except flying through the windshield. Don't think she wanted that. LOL!!! Hang in there MerDer fans. Maybe next season they will be back in full force. Since it is going to be there last season.


@ anuflas Sorry but I have to ask. If you are not watching the show why come here and bother commenting? LOL Oh, I have a reason why all the atention was on Callie, maybe beacuse she went through a wind shield and was pregnant.


@anuflas actually, when Derek and Alex got shot everyone was busy with their own trauma, since they were all involved in the shooting, that's why nobody paid extra attention to them when it happened..
In Callie's case they were all fine, on their daily routine, and the accident happened. only Callie was hurt, hence- she gets all the attention.
Besides, as opposed to Derek and Alex, who have friends and colleagues, Callie's friends with everyone! plus- there's the pregnancy..
so taking all of the above into consideration- it makes total sense!
I personally think you ARE missing a GREAT show! but it's your loss.. I'll keep watching and loving it :)


So let me get this straight: Callie gets all the residents and everyone's attention after her own stupid mistake of taking off her seatbelt, whereas Derek and Alex, who were shot point blank and had also pretty damn bad injuries...get overlooked? Are you kidding me? Grey's Anatomy is making it so easy for me not to miss it.


@ solofia Portugal is a wonderful country and has a great opinion in Europe. I've been there twice and my friends visited it as well and are totally enchanted. Spain may be a more popular destination but that's exactly why some people would choose to go to Portugal instead- it's less touristy. I even talked with my friend recently about what nationality we would choose to be if we had a choice, and I said Portuguese :) If Callie's baby lives and stays on the show (we already had one baby taken away, Sloane's, and one miscarriage, Mer's), I really don't know how they'll write it in the script. I am not a fan of the storyline.


"Teddy is surprised by a familiar face's return"
Does that mean James Tupper is coming back? He left way too soon! PS- how annoying is Stark?! can't stand him..!


Sorry if i offended anyone with my post... it was a tought week, i'm 12 there's a lot on my plate right now, my parents have been fighting a little more than usual and i just had to took it all somewhere.
Almost three years ago my primary teacher died with cancer and i hadn't noticed how long it was been until today when i didn't had nothing to do and i remided August 26th 2008 which is the worst day of my life. It's funny you go to school and work everyday, you're so busy thinking of your stupid boss or that school project for friday that when you stop and look around nearly 3 years have passed and you never noticed, and what do you do? I honestly don't know... everytime i remind her i cry for about a hour and today didn't escaped the rule.
Why's life such a bitch?


I am Portuguese and I'm proud of it, however I think Spain is a beautiful country. The baby will leave, even if only to keep Mark between Callie and Arizona.

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Just because we can live without something, it doesn't mean we have to.


Derek: I am calling post-it, Zola, Bailey, the tumors on the wall, ferryboat scrub caps. I thought D.C. was everything. I was wrong. You... you're everything. I love you and I'm not going to stop loving you. I can't live without you. I don't want to live without you, and I'm going to do everything in my power to prove it.
Meredith: I can live without you, but I don't want to. I don't ever want to.