Grey's Anatomy: First Calzona Wedding Photo!

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You may now kiss the brides!

Callie and Arizona walk down the aisle on the May 5 episode of Grey's Anatomy. Now, thanks to TV Guide, we're getting our first glimpse of the biggest day of their lives.

It's small, but still beautiful ...

Grey's Anatomy Wedding Event!

Chandra Wilson will direct - and Bailey will officiate!

There's still a lot up in the air, such as questions of whether this episode will actually mark a double wedding, due to MerDer's rumored absence. But they're tying the knot!

Also unclear is the baby's fate. We can only hope for the best, despite some hints from the producers that the musical wasn't the last obstacle for Calzona this season.

Tell us what you think of the first photo of the nuptials, an how you see the couple's story line playing out later this spring, by leaving a comment below.

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I love Callie! But i'm confused. Two brides... and Bailey hmmm? It's so stranger to me... don't make any sense. But i still love her.


The baby has to die! Otherwise, Callie and Arizona's relationship will suffer a very painful death having Mark in their life for all "family-altering-major-decision-making" matters.


im so excited to see whats going to happen this next season!!


I'm so happy for Calzona!!!


@confused They probably got a civil union/domestic partnership, since the show takes place in Washington state, where same sex marriage is not legalized. However, that does not mean that they cannot have a wedding and since Callie is a very traditional girl, she probably wanted the big wedding. Remember earlier in the season, when the gay male couple got their civil union papers and they too wanted a big day like everyone else. I guess that is the feeling that Callie and Arizona wanted that too. So maybe Bailey officiating won't make it a legal marriage but they do get their big day, just like everyone else.


Looking forward to the last 4 episodes of Season 7. I think Calzona's wedding will be another turning point in their relationship. Callie clearly chose to have a life with Arizona and their baby. Hopefully Mark will get back together with Lexie (I think they belong togethe) It will be interesting to see if Callie stands up to her family again because if you remember as much as her father seemed to come around, maybe he didn't think Callie and Arizona would last or ever really get married. I think it's great that Shonda Rhimes is treating Calzona just the same as any other couple on the show. They've had their ups and downs and now they have a chance to unite formally in front of friends and family. It's unfortunate that same sex marriage is not legally recognized as much in the U.S. I don't understand the big deal. If two people love each other then they deserve the same rights as everyone else. We're all equal after all, aren't we???? Can't wait until April 28th...


I'm so happy for Calzona!!! :) And yes, the show might be called Grey's Anatomy, but does anyone life revolves into one person only? No! Not even our own life, either if you want it or not, you life depends on others decisions.
So what is the point of having 14 cast members, if you aint going to follow their lives. I think this is why Grey's is the best. Only thing I disagree... waiting a month for two episode, and then have to wait for almost another month.


Weddings generally are fan pleasers, so it taking place during the May sweeps makes sense. I hope this episode includes other SL tking place, like we have seen with the CrisBurke, MerDer, AlexIz, CrisHunt weddings.


This in an outdoor wedding, so if it's in the woods, would they happen to belong to Derek???? If this wedding has no legality presumably Bailey has just been asked to conduct the ceremony with no legal powers to say they are wife and wife????? So this 'wedding' puts them on the same legal standing as the Post It and everyone at SGMW will recognise it???? I'm confused


This is a beautiful photo! I adore Arizona!! I can't wait for the wedding. As a lesbian woman this is a huge deal for me since it's the first prime time wedding between two females. So excited!

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