Katherine Heigl to Star in HBO Original Movie

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Former Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl, who left the show in 2010 to focus on her film career, is poised to return to the small screen for the first time since.

The Emmy winner has signed on to produce and star in an HBO original movie based on Ann Hood’s best-selling novel The Knitting Circle, according to TV Line.

The semi-autobiographical book centers on a mother mourning the death of her young daughter and battling grief that jeopardizes every aspect of her life.

She begins to find her way back into the world through a knitting circle.

Katherine Heigl: The People's Choice

Dirty Sexy Money creator/playwright Craig Wright will pen the adaptation, Wright's first for HBO since his days as a writer for the acclaimed Six Feet Under.

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Ok dirty sexy money had two full seasons.....


I want to know more of the CURRENT prominent figures of GA. Ofter all this is a page about GA. Move ON!!!!!!!


I first love katherine! But now i HATE her, she left greys for "family time" FUCKyou, this costs even moooore time then shooting episodes! My respect for her is totally gone


Wonder what sets off the MerDer loonies (or should I say "loony")? Several of "her" accounts are doing their usual bitching and name calling on another nameless site. Just another day in La La Land right-O?


I've tried to be a fan of KH (who I adored as Izzie) in other venues, but for me, for some reason, her acting seems hokey and forced in her movies (and I have seen most of them.) On the other hand, she was fabulous as Izzie. The part was made for her and she shined in it. Wonder if she'll look back someday and realize leaving a part that fit her so well for "greener patures" was a mistake.


We shall see something else in the hiatus so we could take KH movies for suggestion.


Lorna, it´s good that she says what she thinks, but she can´t complain and insult. There is a difference.


Who cares what it does?? enough!! now only my thoughts on Alex. Izzie no longer exists and also Katherine.


Gosh so many haters... just cuz she doesn't pretend and keeps her thoughts inside and says whatever is on her mind.. she is a bitch? KH has her life, so she can take decision whther she would like to work or leave any project.. Although as much as I miss Izzie ( and still secretly wish that she would show up for Alex) Best of luck to her for her future ventures! :)


Dirty Sexy Money, was canceled after 5 epi's.....and so will this one.

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