Lights Out Series Finale Review: "War"

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As much as it's sad to see Lights Out go, the show concluded with what fans had been waiting for all season: the championship fight between Patrick "Lights" Leary and Richard "Death Row" Reynolds.

Unlike their previous fight, which had haunted Patrick, this particular match was a fight to the end. There was no winning on points and only a knock out would seal the victory.

The episode title, "War," was fitting.

The Big Fight

I was a little shocked at how outmatched Patrick appeared at the outset of the fight. I knew his strategy was to tire Richard out before he made his move, but frankly he just seemed out of his element. Maybe some doubts still hung on his mind, maybe he had a fear of losing, or maybe there were some early fight jitters.

That being said, it was the support of his family and his determination to succeed that pushed him forward towards victory. Mike Fumosa's comment about never quitting, his father and brother in his corner rooting him on, and his wife mouthing the word "Now" showed how important that support system is. The people he needed on his side truly were.

And boy, when Patrick came out swinging, his fists must have felt like trucks with the way he was pummeling his opponent. Both of these men are great fighters, but there was a certain heart and zeal behind Patrick. There was more to the fight than just the money.

I applaud that the actual fight lasted a good ten minutes. Shows containing fight sequences of any kind often last barely seconds, but Lights Out gave viewers a real, complete match. There were a few times where I got the feeling of a choreographed fight, but for the most part, the boxing battle was a great payoff.

It is funny though, that where an outcome is supposed to hinge on only the two boxers, that a dirty referee and a paid off doctor could potentially change the course of events. I'm glad it ultimately didn't, but that referee was getting on my nerves with his stopping the fight and making poor calls. I had to remember that this was scripted television, but I was certainly engaged.

Yet, there was more to this episode than just the fight and the most prominent was the confessional scene. Patrick was filled with a sense of remorse for some of his actions on his journey towards the comeback. He's had a heavy emotional weight to bear and viewers were allowed to see another side to him. It was a moment where he could break down and reveal what was going on inside.

As for the United Boxers, it felt a little bland, but I understood its purpose in adding another element for season 2. It's just unfortunate that we'll never get to see where that story was headed. Even the Barry and Hal struggle for control was just bubbling to fruition.

Holt McCallany and Stacy Keach

The scene that really hit home for me was after the fight. Watching Patrick stare at the mirror with a confused expression was a sad moment. The worst repercussion had finally hit the champ boxer and he couldn't even recall who won the fight. The fact that he'd come so far, defeated his rival, and saved his family financially, only to be struck with this unfortunate turn of events was heartbreaking.

Patrick has been a solid character worth watching and rooting for and after all of the hardships and turmoil, I actually wished he could have received the perfect happy ending. Thus is life.

And as such, it was bittersweet that it was the series finale. I never thought the show could go on for more than potentially three seasons, but if it had been at least given the chance, the characters would have had more time to develop and grow. There were certainly places the show could go and I can only imagine where Patrick's final moments would have played over into the future.

FX has delivered some fantastic shows that explore human characters and the struggles of life, and Lights Out is no different. While not perfect, it did bring in a unique backdrop and look into the boxing world. In the end, it was the characters that drove the story forward and gave viewers another dramatic family to watch.

It's just a bummer sometimes that good television has to compete with good viewership.

Did you enjoy the series? What did you think of the finale? Sound off below.


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I thought the show was amazing and full of sorts of interesting characters and a family that you actually care about. I actually felt like I was emotionally attached to Patrick and his family. My only complaint are about the events that the show just seems to forget as it moves along (perhaps they come back up in season 2?). Examples are like the failed hit on his sister, or the tension between barry and hal., little things like that. My favorite scenes are the ones where Patrick starts breaking people arms and beating up people for the sake of his family LOL, **** i would've done the same thing! I do agree the ending was bittersweet and heartbreaking, but it felt like it ended so abruptly. Did you know how pissed I was when i discovered "war" was the season finale?! i was begging for more. Thanks Fx for a great show!!!


This show had promise, but required too much suspension of disbelief. The two heavyweight fighters show up simultaneously outside their hotel before the fight? Nope, that would not happen. Lights nonchalantly answers the door to his suite, no bodyguards, doesn't even check who's outside? Nope. The heavyweight champ wears himself out so much early that Lights picks him apart like a doll? Nope. The two wives chat over a drink the night before the battle? Don't think show. The two promoters were obviously secretly aligned, it would have been nice to see where that went next season. Maybe f/x will pick it up?


I really loved this series, and the finale had me cheering and yelling like any real fight. I hate that it won't return, it was a fantastic cast, and could have been a fantastic epic had it been allowed to go further.


I refuse to give up on this show, too great of a cast and acting, Holt McCallnay(Champ) we need ya


I like to think that he was just concussed at the end of the fight. He took a beating and people have been concussed from far less than that. Concussions can cause you to be disorientated and suffer memory loss.


A big thanks to those of you who are (were) fans of Lights Out. I posted 2 comments on 2 different websites last night after the finale, both of which do weekly reviews where 99% of the commenters dislike the show yet feel compelled to week after week express said dislike after watching the show. I was attacked by several comment(ers) because I had the "nerve" to let them know how I felt. Do I really care that they did that, No, but am I baffled by it> Yes! But that aside I am SO sad at losing Lights Out, and have noticed that once the ratings showed every sign that the show wouldn't make a second season, some of the TV Critics who had initially loved the show started writing some 'not so loving' reviews..Can/do critics have influence on viewers, I don't know. Obviously in the end it comes down to ratings, and ONLY ratings that decide the fate of todays' programming, people can trash a show all day long but if it gets enough eyeballs (particularly 18-49 ones) it will survive. Had Lights Out been on HBO or Showtime I have NO doubt it would have 'made it'. As much as I appreciate FX for giving us Lights Out, I've really turned sour on the network as a whole. If you want to be the (Bold..Out of The Box..Gritty Edgy, etc) network you claim to be, yet are unable to stand by your programming, I have no reason to be interested in anything "new" you have to offer. Yes, I know you need ad revenue and low rated shows are a hard sell, but with the tv audience of today I say Good Luck..I don't hold out much hope that LO will be picked up by another network, but man, if it did (Southland, The Game, Friday Night Lights..)now THAT would be something worth writing about! RIP Lights Out...for now..


WHY!? Why is this wonderful show cancelled? Just as I was starting to give up on the show, (I thought it started to lag after Ed Romeo left), they hit me with a fantastic finale. The final scene was McCallany's best acting yet. It's just begging to have a second season. I'm not ready to say RIP just yet; hopefully somebody will see that this is a story that needs telling.


GREAT SHOW. cannot believe it is over it still has so much potential....i pray that another network picks it up ...watched the series finale 3 times last night


I am sorry but I checked out after episode 4 and came back for the finale to see how it worked out. Lights was not a hero of any kind, I found him to be an idiot and his wife not much smarter. The brightest part of the show was Stacy Keach.The second was the story element where the daughter was hiding info form the rest of the family.

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