Parenthood Review: "Slipping Away"

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"Slipping Away" is an apt title for this episode of Parenthood. It genuinely felt like the Braverman family was on the brink of disaster.

This seems like a good time to give a shout out to network PR execs that we are not likely to be duped by previews any longer. An absolute tragedy was hinted in the previews of last week's show. As usual, it was the final scene of the program.

It is my wish that they discontinue this type of advertising.


We all knew it was coming, most likely in the final moments, and it made everything else that was happening seem less severe than it actually was. Don't show scenes with enormous impact in previews, commercials, etc. The viewers will thank you for it and the surprise ending will suit the actual purpose of the scene.

Every parent's nightmare was shown on screen when Haddie dialed her parents number during sex. As they were driving down the street, they could hear sighs and grunting.

It must have felt like they fell down the rabbit hole. To hear anyone having sex can be embarrassing, but to hear your 16-year-old daughter doing it must be crushing.

Kristina was so strong through it all, which was surprising as she was the one who didn't want Haddie to date an older boy. Adam went from a free thinker in terms of Alex being a good kid to ignoring Haddie all together.

There was a scene when Sarah and Adam were talking about children pushing when they need their parents most that turned him around. Adam turned on the fatherly charm and showed Haddie how much he cared about her.

It seems Haddie will a happier member of the family now that it is all out in the open.

I have to be honest, I don't want Jasmine to take Crosby back. Not yet. He thinks buying a house and trying to create a home will somehow erase the fact that he cheated on her.

That she should overlook that and see the new, improved Crosby. He is still ridiculously impulsive and without understanding of what makes a true family.

Watching his scenes is becoming a bit overbearing. What is it going to take for him to actually grow up and stop throwing Hail Mary passes in the hope of a miracle?

The most heartbreaking turn of events took place with Amber. To lose confidence and become such a disappointment overnight seems a bit extreme, but I guess that is what our teen years were all about. The disrespect she had for Julia and her place of employment was a bona fide letdown for me.

She always had issues with her mother, but the other adults in her life did not suffer the same fate. Now it seems anyone in her path is in line for disillusion.

For a while it seemed Drew was lost, but once he reconnected with his father, he developed a new attitude. He was concerned about Amber and told Sarah anything he knew that might assist her in helping his sister. There were two scenes that were extremely uncomfortable to watch, mostly thanks to the fabulous acting of Lauren Graham.

The look on Sarah's face when she realized Amber had shown up at the restaurant high, and when Amber pushed Sarah to the ground in order to get into the car with Gary. Agonizing to watch.

If Amber survives the accident with Gary, her family relationships will need an immense amount of work. I'm interested to see if she will merely be detained short term, of if this accident might leave her with a disability to further challenge her future.

I think that would be the way to go for the best interest of the story, but it's a rare show that is willing to take such a risk.

What are your thoughts? What would happen in your ideal season finale? Sound off in the comments. I love to hear what you think. Join us again next week when we find the culmination of this week's events, and what will be on our minds until Parenthood returns.


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I just have to say I do not like Jabbars Mother she is such a Bi**h. Her Character that is. She is controlling and all. I can see why Crosby got tired of her she treated him like a child. I hope this Doctor sees her for who she is and tells her she is a Bi**h.


I really like the show a lot, although I do agree that some of the plot or action is a little unbelievable. The whole relationship between Crosby and Jasmine is so unreal. She is not taking responsibility (she never lets him decide anything); she just drops a kid in his lap after too much time went by and they suddenly fall in love? I don't know. This just doesn't sound real to me, like all that followed doesn't feel real either---getting rid of the house boat and fixing up a dump to impress her. I think the whole plot with Amber is so interesting, mostly because Lauren Gilmore and the woman who plays Amber are quite good actresses. But it also seems like such an abrupt change for Amber---one minute she is eager to go to college and then she suddenly just goes over the deep end. Not too believeable. I have a teenager and can't imagine her ever acting this erratic and explosive, no matter what happened. If Haddie becomes pregnant, that is too much. First she is banned from seeing him and then, suddenly, she is having sex and might be pregnant? Gee, it's all happening too fast. Yes, it is a dramatic series, but this much drama, so quickly? Some cast members are kind of left out of most of the plots, like Lauren Graham's sister and her family and also Lauren Graham's son. We don't see that much of them, most of the time. Maybe we will next year. I hope it's on next year!


I think it's time to see some two-household co-parenting represented on the show. The thing about Crosby and Jasmine is that they aren't great together. They have both love and chemistry, but Jasmine is too accustomed to her independence to allow Crosby to embrace his role in their family. He's got much to learn too. I don't like them as a couple. His immaturity would frustrate her and her stubbornness will emasculate him. Maybe way later, after they spend more time apart.


@Allison Thank you so much for your post, especially the part about Jasmine and Crosby. I have felt that way for weeks now and am so glad to see someone else post something that is similar to what I have written. Cheating is never good but Jasmine played as much a part in their problems.


Amber quits her job and starts down a destructive past; Crosby asks Joel for help with Jasmine; overhearing a disturbing phone call strains Kristina and Adam's relationship with Haddie..... more latest and full episode of parenthood @


OK. I'd like to address the Jasmine and Crosby thing. It's totally irritating that Jasmine waltzes into Crosby's life; say's you're a father and then doesn't let him parent. She hasn't taken the time to hear what Crosby said, or why he feels the way he did. Cheating is never the answer, but I would like to see her take responsibility for her part. Just during the pre-marital counseling, she never let Crosby answer any question. No wonder he's nuts. I was impressed with Christina and how she handled Haddie's journey into adulthood. Previews next week I think were a tease, but maybe not. If she is indeed pregnant, that would be very upsetting because it would be so totally predictable in how TV handles this situation. I'm praying that Amber is ok and I also have to agree that I would like to see a long term injury and how the family would deal with that. I think Lauren Graham played her role spot on and the whole show leaves me feeling crazy. It is how families work, but unfortunately it is also predictable. Lastly, the best part of the whole show was when Zeke went up to the writer and basically told him to Man Up. Loved it, love him and it's what a dad supporting his daughter would do. I'm disappointed that the season finale is in April, but hopefully this means new episodes will start in August. (Hey, one can hope.)


@Dolphin Totally agree about Adam and his job. When Cory (is that his name) was hanging on the bars swinging his feet talking about advertising being art...if I were Adam, I would have walked right out the door. I was also surprised he didn't pull Karen aside to tell her about that sucker. Now would be a great time to call the police. That kid has no business giving out illegal drugs without his employees' knowledge at work. It's so painful to watch, I couldn't even write about it.


The last several episodes have been overly heavy ... so I hope something gives before the season finale ends. Some of the stories should have resolution. I would hate to see Sarah and her family end the season with no hope. They need hope; Amber needs hope. Hopefully, this accident will be the wake up call Amber needs to lay off the drugs/alcohol. Her song writing was so promising. Whatever happened with that? Art/expression is where she is most like her Mom. I'd like to see her fly. I'm with you on Crosby. He was an idiot to think buying a house would cause Jasmine to forgive him for cheating. He can be left in the dog house for all I care. I've been worried about Adam's job. His employees are licking on hallucinogenic suckers, and he knows it. His days are numbered at the shoe company, and it's probably time for him to move on. (I'm surprised he's not dealt with it already ... or at least thought about his next moves.) The rest of the story lines have been pushed into the background. I don't even remember some of them to be honest. But I do like the show (I LOVE Friday Night Lights), and hope it will be renewed for a 3rd season on Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

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