Pretty Little Liars to Make Like Glee, Black Swan?

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Forget the identity of A or the possibility of Ezra taking his shirt off on season two.

There are two things that have the Pretty Little Liars cast seriously excited, and both involve music. Speaking to E! News, creator Marlene King said:

"We've actually thought about doing a Black Swan episode because three out of the four Pretty Little Liars are ballet dancers. We're thinking of maybe incorporating that into the show."

Four Liars

The gals "also all sing," King says, hinting that PLL could be the next series to air a musical episode.

How would Shay Mitchell feel about that? "Love it. I love dancing, so why not?! Let's do all three: acting, singing and dancing!"

Lucy Hale concurs: "I sang on the show last season, so it would be awesome. Actually, all the girls have really nice voices. We're going to Glee it up on Pretty Little Liars!"

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:S looking forward to seeing what that is about.


I am not sure about an all singing, dancing episode, i remembered they did the same in Buffy i didn't work for me. Trying to picture Ezra singing and dancing Hmm can't see it.


Which one of the girls isn't a dancer?


Which girls are ballet dancers?




Looking forward to seeing Holly MArie Combs singing


itd be an amazing change!


Ooo this would be fun :)

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