Private Practice Sneak Peeks: Revisiting the Past

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Tonight on Private Practice, Katie threatens to take legal action against Violet for "breach of confidentiality," bringing her face to face with her infamous attacker once again.

There's more to it than just dredging up old, haunting memories, though. She realizes in the process that she'll have to defend her actions to more people than just Katie.

Meanwhile, Cooper suspects that Charlotte may be hiding some lingering feelings for former husband Billy, only to find out Billy has been hiding some feelings of his own.

Watch two clips from "What We Have Here" below ...

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I knew Katie would come back. But considering she went crazy and tried to kill Violet and even stole her baby and such, shouldn't Katie at least be in mental institution for a while? E.g. 5 years? As for Cooper and Charlotte, it's just a typical storyline that will end in an episode or two. I mean, they're getting married aren't they? :p

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Having a conscience is brutal.


Lucas's mom is amazing.


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