Rachael Taylor to Appear in Final Two Grey's Anatomy Episodes This Season

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Dr. Lucy Fields isn't going anywhere just yet. Despite being cast in the new Charlie's Angels pilot, Rachael Taylor's stint on Grey's Anatomy is far from over.

According to creator Shonda Rhimes, the knockout will return to Seattle Grace after production on the high-profile pilot wraps, in time for the season finale.

“We only really lose her for two episodes,” says Rhimes.

“She’s contractually obligated to us for the rest of the season, so she’s coming back when she’s done [with Charlie's Angels], for our last two episodes.”

Lucy and Alex

Next season, however, is another question. Rhimes fully expects ABC to give the Angels reboot a green light for fall, thus rendering Taylor unavailable for Grey's Anatomy.

“I would love to keep Rachael Taylor forever,” she confesses. “She is delightful [and] so talented. But have you seen the Charlie’s Angels pictures? Those three gorgeous women strutting across the world in those white dresses?"

"I can’t really imagine that that show isn’t going to get picked up.”

Neither can we. And maybe that's for the best for everybody, Taylor included. Because, as Rhimes points out, “We have 13, 14 series regulars on Grey’s already.”

How would you like to see Lucy's storyline end this season?

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Rachel Taylor should thank her lucky stars that she is leaving this show, is not like if she stays she is going to get a storyline anyway with all the 14 characters on this show. I don't see Teddy, April or Jackson leaving any time soon.


I think Lucy should leave. I don't like her. She didn't know what to do when Callie was hurt and that was just ridiculous. I think she's egotistical. They could add a real twist by bringing Heigl back. Or are they divorced already? I forgot. Do not kill off any of my favorites characters, which is all of them. None of my residents or docs please. I do want Alex to find someone to make him happy...just not Lucy.


What a pity she has to go! She actually stands for a storyline for Alex which otherwise lack of through this seaon. Although it's bad for the actors, do cut off some more regulars already! There are too many of them to share 45mins of tv screen time.


they have to keep her for alex,he has been heart broken too many times,he's my number 1 favorite charcater and i am so sick seeing him getting hurt all the time,i really want lucy to stay,i really like her and i really do think she might make him happy again,i really don't want him with that ugly,ANNOYINGA april he's out of her lege


Of course Cristina needs a teacher she is ONLY a resident and she learnt that proceedure from Burke. There is still a lot she does NOT know. Please keep Cristina and Owen apart, their so-called love scenes make my skin crawl. April and Jackson can certainly be gone. Lucy will tranfer to another hospital after being spoken to like that from Addison and being pushed away be Robbins, why was Robbins, and for that matter Sloan in the OR. Lucy didn't get a chance to treat the baby. Glad she makes Alex happy for the moment, to bad he always looses.


I like her with Alex.....can they give him a woman already?
Maybe this means hw will get together with April....or Jackson:) He needs to give Lexie back to Mark!!!


I'm actually pretty worried that when Lucy leaves (And she will) that Alex is going to leave with her. Maybe that's his big storyline for the finale - leaving SGMW in the name of love. God I hope not becuase he is my very favourite character, but at the same time I so don't want to watch him to get his heart broken yet again. If Lucy leaves and he stays then Shonda better have something, or someone, pretty damn spectacular up her sleeve for him.
As for the other 'new' characters y'all are hatin' on, her's what I think: SGMW needs a cardio god so Teddy may as well stay to keep us all from the monotony of wasting time building the story of a new cardio god.
I really like April - she's funny and different to the others and has shown some real steel this season. I want her to stay in the name of variety and comic goodness.
Jackson is just surplus to requirements and doesn't even give decent eye candy now he's got hair. Boring, boring, boring. Alas, now that he and Lexie are together I fear we may be stuck with him. But I don't want Lexie and Mark to get back together either because I really feel that ship has sailed. They're at different stages of life and getting them back together now would feel very contrived to me.


I like her. And for Alex as well. Just sad she's in CA and probably won't be back in GA. Bummer. Although if Shonda indeed wants her back, she has to fire Teddy or April. I wouldn't mind though. :))


I really hope that she comes back for S8. She's the only love interest other than Izzie that I really want for Alex and he doesn't deserve any more heartbreak. You don't have to make Rachel Taylor a regular make her a recurring star and not be in every episode. I don't want any more regulars it's just too much. I like Teddy and April and they should stay. Jackson is just pretty to look at but I'm not too crazy about him honestly.


I'm looking forward to seeing Taylor leave. I don't really like her..i dont know why..and I want to see Alex with someone else and to STAY with her! Also, I agree with other people that Teddy and Owen are fillers..Jackson and April are just a little better. Hopefully some new people come and spark it up!

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