Army Wives Review: "Soldier On"

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Another week of pain and change for our cast of characters. I tried to imagine myself in the positions of all of them, but failed miserably in every respect. With Denise and Frank at the center of the chaos, you'd think it would hit them the hardest, but it's just not that easy.

Denise has completely closed up. She's not sharing any of her thoughts with Frank or her friends. It was no surprise when we learned she had left, taking Molly with her.

What I did find surprising was her almost complete lack of emotion. Her focus was strictly on Molly. She was obviously being torn inside, but not letting an ounce of it out.

Troubling Phone Call

I was so proud of Michael for talking to the reporter with candor about his beliefs with regard to the Afghan army. The end result was perhaps the loss of his career.

Not the one he has now, but any hope for the future. I don't know much about the military. If an Army General learns he may never have an opportunity for a third star, what does that do for their desire to remain enlisted? I'm really interested to see where this development will take us.

When I mentioned last week that Roland was taking Jeremy's death particularly bad, I had no idea how much worse it would get. His guilt is he thinks he let Jeremy reenlist before he was ready. But Jeremy was ready. The Afghan army wasn't ready, but everything about Jeremy was on his game.

Roland can't even step up to help Denise. I don't think Claudia Joy knew how to react when he offered the names of two other doctors instead of agreeing to talk to his friend. Roland and Denise have had an especially strong bond, and I wonder if the two of them attempted to have a conversation, the breakdown they would encounter would be more than they could manage.

"Soldier On" takes on new meaning as a phrase to me. I use it often. But to really soldier on in face of the death of someone in combat seems harrowing. What it means, I have found, is courage coming from the deepest core of your being to carry on in the face of tragedy. This week was all about the spirit to survive, and how to get it back when it seems to be gone for good.

Roxy received a business offer, and even running it by a disapproving Trevor didn't stop her from considering it without his support. To her, Jeremy's death meant her future and that of her sons was in her hands. She won't count on Trevor to be there, because tomorrow he may not be. Their already rocky relationship fell another notch as she dug in her in heels and went into family protection mode, Trevor be damned.

Trevor needs to have more faith in Roxy's head for business. With everything that is ripping them apart, they are forgetting their strength as a couple. As the season started, I thought a marriage headed toward disaster might be that of Roland and Joan, but now I see Roxy losing faith in her marriage as time without Trevor drags on.

In the midst of all this grief, we did have one moment of unabashed happiness. Chase returned home and instead of saying a word, Pamela threw herself into his arms. For the first time since the series started, we may actually get to see what Chase and Pamela mean as a team. With his job on base, they will become one of the couples to rely upon.

Each season as partners are deployed, we discover the marriage that lies under the mission and how those remaining couples stand solid for their friends whose partners are not around. I really look forward to seeing Pamela and Chase in that role. Stability is one thing we've never seen with the Morans.

I don't know how they have done it, but I'm blown away by the stories of conviction and tenacity on Army Wives this season. I would have thought at some point they might run out of material, but I couldn't have been more wrong.


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Dear reviewer, You can’t explain grief…each of us deals with dead in our own way. This is coming from someone who lost a person 2years ago. When my mom died I was left with my baby brother (10 months) and you just have to keep it together for the family. You don’t have time to grief when you have a baby... so maybe for some people I didn’t care or I was to cold but with a baby and a teenager brother you have to keep it together. So, I can relate to Denis character… the baby is the only thing she has now and she need to protect her baby girl. (sorry for my english.. I'm french)


I watched it last night. Thank you for your spot-on reviews. I felt sadness as I watched the show. That is all I have to say.


@Linda....Amanda died when the bomb blew up the Hump Bar


What happened to the sister Amanda (?) I guess I missed it...


Thanks to Carissa for her comments. I liked "The Unit" and was upset when it was cancelled. I wonder if they depicted something they shouldn't have? In these troublesome times, I think we need to see how military life affects the families of the soldiers. People have no clue whatsoever. I was honorably discharged a few years ago. People have no clue that many families receive food stamps and other types of public assistance. Many single low-ranking soldiers make the mistake of not living and eating on post. They also purchase items they cannot possibly take with them if they move to another post or are deployed. Many of the items can be easily replaced, but if you don't need it, don't buy it. If the new soldiers played their cards right, they would come out of the military with a great deal of money. As for the healthcare, don't get me started. I'm not just talking about the VA hospitals either. As far as being a two-star general instead of three, if I were General Holden I would stay long enough to maximize my retirement benefits (remember soldiers can retire at 30 years). If he is treated badly and can do something else when he leaves the military, he should leave when his contract is up. No matter what, I would try to give it no less than 30 years in. I bet he wishes he took that West Point appointment. I wish he had as well because not many officers get past two-stars. I don't blame Roland for giving referrals for Denise. His role in this instance is to be her friend, not her therapist. He will be no good to her (and himself) if he tries to counsel her. It sounds like Denise left because she blames the Army for breaking up her family. She is so stuck in her grief that she can't understand Roland is devastated by Jeremy's passing and needs comforting too. I recorded Army Wives last night and I probably won't be able to view it before Friday, so that is all I have to say.


Well, Michael, if the show was about fire fighters or one of the bazillion shows already on the air about cops, I'm sure we could discuss that, but this happens to be one of the few shows about the lives of civilians living with our troops on the air, so we like to give kudos where they're warranted. Firefighters and cops spend a lot more time with their families than do deployed soldiers, and that's what make the stories of military families dealing with their absence so compelling.


Not to be mean or anything but I know were not allowed to say anything bad about the Amry because their perfect but I mean don't they know there people out their like cops and fire fighter who have it worse


Army wives is an awsome show it keeps too the real life ins and outs of being an army family. i onced lived this life and met many people. when you are in the service too protect your country, you all are family men go and woman and familys stay and pray one day at a time. i have been looking for a soldier i named my son after,and cannot find him.this is also what happens in the army you loose friends who are actually your family. hats off to army wives and every character they are awsome!!!!!!!!!!


The best show on t.v. I wish everyone would watch. Thanks to every one in our armed forces and their loved ones God bless you all.

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