Smallville Series Finale Spoiler: Here Comes the Bride...

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Can you hear those wedding bells, Smallville fans? You will on May 13.

With just a few episodes remaining for this iconic series, TV Guide Magazine has teased the wedding (picture here) that will conclude the drama, as Lois and Clark finally celebrate their big day. But it won't be easy.

"It's a very, very long walk down that aisle," says producer Kelly Souders. "There are some good moments, some heart-wrenching moments and some surprising moments at their wedding."

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Oliver and Chloe will play key roles in the ceremony, Souders says, adding that the finale will not be "what you expect."

"I will just say that there are moments directly before and after this photo that, even seeing the footage for the 50th time, I still get a little teary."

Before we even get there, of course, plenty of developments will take place. For example, get your first look at the return of Zod NOW.

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some superman in every epiasode he lost his powers the writers have lost track of what superman means .


How can they be married superman just said he was no longer a american


why is it that lois and clak are going to get married if in the comics they dont even know eachother and get married after a long time

Gaby ee

I want Clark and Lois to have a happy wedding, hopefully with no one suddenly interrupting or anything. They deserve a great day.


Much as I like this series, I'm ready for it to be over.
ZOD? Which Zod? I thought the original Zod was a disembodied spirit stuck in the PHANTOM ZONE and the clone Zod was sent to that new planet with his followers who were going to keep him locked away for killing his wife and child.
They have so lost track of their story lines!
And besides that - Kal-El can't fly!!! Some super man. Let's end this!


Well, I was actually stating the ceremonies. I hope Lois and Clark have a happy ceremony. Lex had good ceremonies. Also, Lex's first wedding was actually pretty normal besides his crazy ex-wife "Desiree". His second wife actually did love him, she was just in love with his money more. As for Lana, they both truly did love one another. She just loved Clark more and she was thinking of her "baby".


I would hardly call any of Lex Luthor's wedding days "normal" on Smallville. On his first wedding day, he was being coerced by a woman with meteor powers so that she could steal his money. On his second wedding day, his wife purposely crashed his private jet on the way to their honeymoon and stranded him on an island for three months. Then, on his third wedding day with Lana, he forced her to think she was carrying his love child by injecting her with hormones and then killed the doctor who threatened to reveal the secret. Then, when Lana got cold feet an hour before the wedding, Lex's father forced her to go through with it by threatening to kill Clark. So no, Aries93, I would not call any of Lex's weddings "normal".


Why can there never ever be a normal wedding day in this show?
Only Lex Luthor gets (three) normal wedding days. Which is rather ironic considering he never lived happily ever after with any of them. I seriously hope for this wedding to be as normal as possible.

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