Smallville Spoilers: Casualties Ahead...

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Just six episodes remain in Smallville. That's not much time for Clark Kent to make his iconic transformation.

But producer Kelly Souders tells TV Guide she and her team will milk every second out of this final season, saying "literally, the journey isn't over until the very last step."

We can't wait for the May 13 finale, of course, but we're also wondering what will go down in the meantime. Courtesy of Souders's Q&A, a few teases are below:

Nice Jacket

Will there be casualties?
There are definitely some casualties, but it's not necessarily people.

What role will Lois play?
What's great is they take some very large steps through those last few episodes becoming the people that they're destined to become. What's kind of fun in what we're doing with Lois is that you get to see part of the role that she plays in Clark Kent's destiny that's kind of a new territory.

(*Look for a Lois-based episode on May 6, titled "Prophecy.")

As for a certain suit...
We all know where the suit is if you've been watching the show this season, so I'll just say we know where the suit is, and that's always a good start.


Kristin "Lana Lang" will be in the season final! She was happy to come back and stop Clark and Luthor from hurting each other! Plus a spin off of Conner-Kent-Luthor-Clone! That will take place at Smaalville High School-Kent Farm. Their will be a guest appearence of Tom Welling as Superman-Clark on one episode!


Death to all Luthors!!!


Im thinking Chole and Martha


Tess and Oliver get my vote to bite the bullet. Unfortunateley, Chloe appears to be safe. Grrr!


Please let the death be the skanky Tess. She's barely human anyway!


If anyone dies it's going to be Tess, Alison Mack already reveled Chloe doesn't die & let's face it everyone else they're not allowed to kill.

Gaby ee

Wow I can't wait! Hopefully the casualties don't include characters we are fond of.


If the dog dies, I'm so over this show.


No not Shelby (Clark's Dog) =[

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