Smallville Spoilers: The Return of General Zod

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Smallville fans have not seen the last of General Zod. Callum Blue will reprise this role on the April 29 episode, "Dominion."

Last seen being banished from Earth to conclude season nine, what can fans expect from Zod this time around?

"He’s kind of a combination of all the different Zods we’ve seen [on Smallville] into one character,” producer Kelly Souders tells TV Line. "He’s not happy. He has not had a good couple of months.”

Read more about the final few episodes of Smallville in TV Line's interview with Souders and get your first look at Zod's return below:

Return of General Zod

Awesome, Callum Blue makes a terrific General Zod. Every time I see his facial expressions, theirs' Zod! XD

Gaby ee

Well it seems like we will have great last episodes at least :) Can't wait to see how it all ends!


I know! I can't believe its been ten years! Ten years ago I was in Junior high!!!! I really hope they tie all the loose ends... I wish Callum Blue was playing Zod in the Superman Movie. He would make the perfect Zod.


Oh no! D:
The series finale is almost here! :(
Smallville cannot end. :'(

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