Supernatural Season Finale Spoiler: What About Sam?

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During the first hour of Supernatural's May 20 season finale, Dean will face his fears. This we already know.

But what about a certain other Winchester sibling? Producer Sera Gamble says her show will go out with a "bang" in a few weeks, detailing to EW how hour number-two will focus on Sam, specifically how the wall in his mind that protects Sam from his worst memories comes down.

"You see Sam in a state he’s never been in before pretty much at the top of the episode,” Gamble says. “Structurally, he does a couple of pretty interesting things."

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Come on. You've gotta give us more than that! Gamble teases:

"It’s like when you start to think about what that could be in your imagination - something completely spun out in all directions - except hopefully we give you something you were thinking and some unexpected twists. We like to throw stuff at the boys that they weren’t prepared for as much as possible.”

Whatever that may be, at least we know Supernatural will be back for another season. The CW officially picked up the series earlier this week.

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I like Sam SOO much more than Dean.
Dumb guys are a drag!
Give me a man, like Sam with a good education any day!


I hate the lisa/ben thing :0/ The series shouldve ended @ season 5!!! This crap that the new producer is shitting out is so putrid I want to kill myself so I don't have to watch my fave actors act out this unicorn shit! The final fight between the big M and the big L shouldve went down wild wild west style! Dean could never move on and not be a hunter! Why in the thunder-fuck did we even see the dead gramps zombie up to fuck over our boys? I mean I love the show but Sera needs to just ask Kripke to come back and wrap up this shit storm up because it wasn't in the forcast!!! what the hell is this ABC? I mean did I tune into Desperate housewives (another great show that won't ever end FML) The cast is great (except the annoying bitch Lisa and the brat who couldve been but isn't Dean's love child!) In closing lol I will say if J&J want to do a movie together I'm down but please stop letting this producer RUIN one of the greats! Toni OUT!


I like what I'm seeing, I like what I'm reading and I love Dean, Sam and Cas and I'm very interested not only on 20 may as next Friday with revelations about Cas.
I love this series!!![Point]
Sorry my English!! :)


I am a Dean girl myself but really love the dynamic between the brothers. Really loving this season and am soo excited they got picked up for another one.


I will be in Europe during the finale but I will be watching both episodes online! As much as I used to like Lisa she broke my heart when she decided to quickly move along without even trying to understand what had happened to Dean. But it will be interesting to see him going all badass and ready to kill kill kill for them and hopefully save them both! (I don't want them around but it doesn't mean they should die).
But as a Sammy girl and as a more of a fan of the 2nd part of the season (come on how can you hate Sam with a soul????) I cannot wait for episode 22 for a few reasons: 1- I wanna know what happened to Sam that we didn't get to see 2- I wanna see Dean fighting it out for his little brother like the old days 3- we'll FINALLY get the conclusion about the Heaven whatever going on. Either way I just know the guys will have done a terrific performance. I cannot wait and I cannot wait for season 7!


Cas & Crowley pulled Sam out of hell but left his soul behind because that was the deal made with Lucifer.


Honestly, I don't really care about either story arc. I'm sick of Sam angst. SPN even ignored the organic conflict that could have developed between Cas and Dean at the beginning of S6 in order to make their arguments about Sam's soul, and you will never convince me that an angel genuinely though leaving a soul in hell was a better idea than bringing it back in vegetable form, killing it, and sending it to heaven. I don't like Lisa and Ben and that whole ridiculous story line, and I was kind of hoping to never see them again. So, if I have to, I hope they're the two deaths so we can be done with them for good. The only thing I am remotely interested in now is what they're going to do with Castiel - good guy, bad guy, permanently dead, or yellow crayon incident (since they've borrowed enough from Joss already this season), and how it will affect Dean. And maybe Bobby.


I would anxiously waiting for the 2 episodes I like the two characters equally Sam and Dean. And I hope Lisa and Ben don't die, I like them they were for Dean when he must needed it, when Dean was grieving for Sam, please please Sera do not kill Lisa and Ben.


I don't like the Lisa/Ben arc so I'm much more interested in part 2, except that I'm hoping for a conclusion for that arc in part 1. Besides, Dean faces his fears in BOTH hours, not only in the first one. Everybody knows how scared he is about Sam's wall crumbling, which finally happens.


When it comes to the Winchester brothers, I prefer Dean over Sam. He's just got a much better personality and is more interesting than Sam.
I look forward to the season finale, but I'd prefer the first hour than the second. When it comes to a split episode, part one has more of the action and mystery to it, where as part two is just the conclusion and summary of what happened.
Either way, it's something to look forward on May 20th. :D

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