The Good Wife Promo: "Foreign Affairs"

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On this week's installment of the The Good Wife, a former partner passed away, a familiar face returned to challenge the firm and make Alicia a tempting offer, and Will contemplated a change in his life choices. You can read all about it in our review.

Looking ahead to next week, are more potentially game-changing events on tap?

Lockhart/Gardner reps a small drilling contractor in a dispute against an oil conglomerate. All goes according to plan until a South American dictator takes over the case.

Meanwhile, the election results are in ...

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Never have I seen an episode where I felt fear for a TV character as I did for Alicia when she moved Peter into his own apartment. Peter drew a line in the sand once his back was up against the wall, knowing Alicia was NOT going to reconcile. He is going after her with everything he's got. I fear that he will take her down--like have her disbarred--type of take down. He will hurt her where it really counts. And that take-no-prisoners conniving Mother-n-law will be his accomplice. I can't wait to see Peter and Will go head-to-head! You just know that Will is gonna save his lady love, and he proved to us this season that he CAN play dirty ( having Blake rough up that Psychologist). I cannot wait to see the follow-up to this VERY dark episode!

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Reese Dipple's the reason you're not at the firm. You sway Peter on this bill and Dipple will sprinkle rose petals as you step off the elevator.


It's hard to be on this side.