The Good Wife Season Finale Spoiler: Alicia and Will?!?

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After hearing that name, the world of Alicia Florrick changed forever on the last new episode of The Good Wife.

Fans have until May 3 to ponder what this might mean for Alicia's marriage, but TV Line has posted a photo from the show's season finale that might offer a hint. Will a crumbling relationship with Peter finally drive Alicia into Will's arms?

Good Wife Season Finale Photo

Creator Robert King says Will will learn about Kalinda and Peter's affair, counting it as “one of the surprises” on the way for viewers. He adds:

“It’s always fun to see how people react to information that they on one hand should feel compassionate about, but on the other hand, they’re like, ‘Woo-hoo! Party!’”

By the looks of this May 17 finale photo, it certainly looks like Will is itching for some kind of party with Alicia, doesn't it?

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"wait till she finds out what kind of a real ass hole Will is and how he has been playing her like the rest of his whores" Boy, are YOU confused! The "ass hole" with the whores is Peter. Did you miss the part where he testified under oath in court that he'd made the decision to betray his wife no fewer than EIGHTEEN times with Amber alone, paying her thousands of dollars of his family's money for kinky sex? Where's the evidence of Will having any whores at all? Oh right, there is none! "This will change the name of the show to the cheating wife who told a lie about loving husband" The "loving husband" -- who betrayed her, humiliated her in public, and cheated on her at LEAST nineteen different times? And somehow you think he's a keeper?? She and Peter were separated before she had sex with Will. In contrast, Peter cheated on her repeatedly when they were still married, and Alicia was waiting faithfully for him at home. Get a bloody clue.


Ok Peter go for it now she has crossed the line and will suffer, wait till she finds out what kind of a real ass hole Will is and how he has been playing her like the rest of his whores.
The kids will never forgive her for all the lying she has done to them about her boss and what has been going on since 2 yrs back. This will change the name of the show to the cheating wife who told a lie about loving husband who she forgave, the Kalinda affair never happened it was something in her personel life that was covered up.


We have waited two seasons now how about some action. A couple of things amuse me about what various fans write. Some fans say [ Before she goes ahead with this she should think of her kids and they never forgive her] Isn't Peter a parent of these same kids yet that didn't stop him sleeping with other women 19 times and the kids soon forgave him. For a lot of fans it's alright for Peter to tom cat the neighborhood but Alicia is graded using another set of rules. Why? This isn't Jackie Florricks era anymore. Women are even allowed in bars these days. Peter uses his family to get what he wants. Without Alicia he wouldn't be the new S/A and he knows that. Lets move forward and have Peter/Alicia fight it out in the courts. If the KINGS have her forgive Peter where back to a mousy doormat of a wife. Go Will/Alicia.


I'm really glad to see Alicia availing herself of some tof the outrageous "freedom" her narsisistic husband has been face down in for years! I hope she gets laid good and proper!!!!!! What I love about the writers is, the last few shows have explored "cheating" while poor Alicia has been a pillar of rectitude. But now people who have advocated free love are shown to be hurt by their choises while Alicia is shown to be sick of hers (and maybe hurt by her fidelity). I LOVE these writers and hope such an intelligent show can survive in 2011 America.


I'm a huge fan of Alicia and Will. I seriously thought their time had passed, but I kinda wished that they would get together under different circumstances, like a year after the dust settles from Alicia's separation. Why do I say this? If they hook up now, they might not stay together. Peter is obviously on the war path after being 100% rejected by Alicia and is under the false impression that she already had an affair with Will. His accusation, I think, can be credited toward nudging her back that way. Many folks have said in other blogs that Kalinda was giving Alicia a smirk at the end of the last ep. I don't think so. I think it was a "Well Lady, I guess we're stuck with each other" kind of look. It'll be interesting especially to see where Alicia and Kalinda's relationship go from here.


If it does happen with Will.....then what's there for Season 3? I believe Will and much as I wish they would my last dime......and I am willing to lose!!!!!


I love Will and Alicia she Peter has cause her nothing but pain it time to say good by to Peter and hello to Will.


"Hey John get your head out of the sand and grow up." Reality check: The people with their heads in the sand are the ones who somehow imagine that Peter has changed. Don't kid yourselves. Peter has a clearly established pattern of deceit and betrayal. Whether that makes him a good state's attorney is debatable -- but a good husband? Not even close....


Hey John get your head out of the sand and grow up.


"Gross. Gross. Ew. Ew. Please don't leave your kids alone with this perve!" All this hysteria because he's looking at her with loving ardor?? Bizarre. No, it's really SO much better to leave your kids alone with their creepy dirtbag daddy, who they've seen cheating on their mother in the computer labs at school, who is the reason they know about threeways, who spent thousands of dollars of his family's money buying kinky sex from whores, who put their mother's health at risk, and who couldn't even keep his pants zipped with a co-worker from the office -- ALL while he was a "happily married husband and father". Wow, nice family values there! Honestly, some people's screwed-up attitudes.....

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Alicia: We need to leave this week.
Cary: Are you sure?
Alicia: Yes.

It's hard to be on this side.