The Good Wife Season Finale Spoiler: Alicia and Will?!?

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After hearing that name, the world of Alicia Florrick changed forever on the last new episode of The Good Wife.

Fans have until May 3 to ponder what this might mean for Alicia's marriage, but TV Line has posted a photo from the show's season finale that might offer a hint. Will a crumbling relationship with Peter finally drive Alicia into Will's arms?

Good Wife Season Finale Photo

Creator Robert King says Will will learn about Kalinda and Peter's affair, counting it as “one of the surprises” on the way for viewers. He adds:

“It’s always fun to see how people react to information that they on one hand should feel compassionate about, but on the other hand, they’re like, ‘Woo-hoo! Party!’”

By the looks of this May 17 finale photo, it certainly looks like Will is itching for some kind of party with Alicia, doesn't it?

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I know that the show has technically not been renewed for a 3rd season yet, but I also read that since they signed a new contract with Alan Cumming, that is probably a good sign that it will end up being renewed.


I know that it still hasn't been renewed for a 3rd season, but I have also read that since they just signed Alan Cumming to a new contract, it most likely will be renewed. They generally don't sign a prominent contract like that if they are seriously considering cancelling the show. BTW, how depressing is it that such a great show is really in danger of being cancelled while junk continues to get renewed.


The problem with TV today has to much influence on people and their on lives, fictional television just keeps old wounds going that take make beleive and try to be reallity.
If people today don't like whats happening just change the channel its the best way to keep clear of a poor situation you don't have to watch.
By the way if anybody is keeping up on the ratings if the viewing and scripts don't happen to change by the finale CBS is looking hard at canceling this show.


In regards to what Felicia said, I think in the end we have to remember this is a fictional television show for entertainment purposes. Everyone gets very emotionally attached to the characters, or we wouldn't be posting here. We all have our own views on what is morally right or wrong and what we want to see happen on the show and that's great. But I think it's important to remember that in the end this is a tv show and nothing more. We should let ourselves be entertained and not worry about whether we agree with what way the writers choose to take storylines, because in the end, it doesn't really matter, as long as we are enjoying the ride:)


This is my first time writing about my thoughts on a TV show, after reading all the comments by alot of women both pro and con regarding lifestyles i'm very surprised how manny there are.
These series have opened my eyes on a lot of who is right or wrong in their ways of perseption of the real drama, from the start where everyone was told what Peter did and was in jail when Peter asked Alicia if she still love him her answer was yes. From that point the writers went the oppisite way and made it look and sound like no, and showed very little support from Alicia in trying to make the marriage work again. I'm neither a Peter or Will fan but I do have a keen sense of values when it comes to marriage and family for good or worst as long as things do turnaround for the better and forgive the past as long as it stays there. Alot of self-respect comes into play and and as a wife needs to think more of what it does to the rest of her family, so down the road you don't have people trying to hit on you just because they think your available do to a lot of rumors that won't go away.
To sum it up what we have been watching has nothing to do with marriage its more courtroom and sexual fantasys and doesn't show the real story.


I took a look at the bar scene pictures and the one with a touch of fingers also has some very poor looks on their faces.
Just to take a shot in the dark for the upcoming finale episode, I see everyone backing off even Will who knows that Peter is now the S.A.and that good old Blake is still in the picture and could put him under. Wouldn't that hit a home run if Peter got wind he was trying to put the make on Alicia, plus his life and future would be a 10 to 20 yr stay in the state pen. With a downfall of the firm that would crumble and shock a lot of key people. Like I said just taking a shot in the dark.


@ Judy. There was nothing personal. My parents are divorced (I was under 10 when it happened), and I'm married and therefore not divorced. I just know that life is not easy, sometimes it's better to stay with your husband, and sometimes it's better to leave. But I think as a woman, you should not forget to respect yourself first if you want you and people around you to be happy.


@emma, As I'm a mother also with children with which I adore, my husband and I divorced and tried to move on with an old friend that backfired big time. My kids both in their early teens didn't like my friend and made it perfectly clear that they would go with their father or leave home, plus they found a way to investagate him and had proof of what a sleez he was (pictures and films).
What it came to was that the divorce was caused by me trying to be someone that I wasn't with my job getting in the way of a perfect family life. My ex had the perfect job with me also working to help, since the bombsided mess I have tried to reconsile with him and things are looking up.


@ Alicia Gardner. I share many of your points. There are other stills out, where Will and Alicia are kind of holding hands. I don't think they will go further this season.I'm a Alicia & Will shipper, but as you I really appreciate Chris Noth (and he's doing such a nice job as Alicia's husband).
I don't think we can say that Alicia did not give a try with Peter. I think it's time for her to consider what she really wants. And I'm sorry but her children have nothing to decide about it (I have children). At the end, she has to make the decision. And she is clever enough to take into account all the different perspectives: that's what makes her someone we so highly respect.


I actually think Alicia is a very moral person, if she wasn't she would have slept with Will a long time ago!:) In fact that's one of the reasons why I really like her character, she is able to show the real life struggles that people go through yet always remains classy. I truly admire and identify with her character.

Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: We need to leave this week.
Cary: Are you sure?
Alicia: Yes.

The law is suppose to be fair, not impersonal. In fact I would argue that the law is always personal. It has to see the human side too or else it's meaningless.