The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 58

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Welcome to the 58th edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, our Friday tradition! Who won this week's TVD Caption Contest? It was close, but ...

TeamDamon4ever (TeamOMFGElijah) is your winner. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to Natalie, Stavroula and Swati Nandwani. Thanks to all for playing and good luck next time!

D and A

Alaric: That Klaus is one scary dude, but with awful hair. At least Elijah has nice hair.
Damon: Shut up, please.

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Matt:R u Damon or Damian? Ian:why? Matt:U luk lyk a Damian,they r badass!seen "the omen"? Ian:666 tyms!


The Meeting of The Hunter & The Vamp Part IV Alaric: Bartender, I'll have the same.
Damon: I screwed up.
Alaric: With Elena? Yeah, well-
Damon: No... Paul Wesley got married and he didn't invite me... *burp* I'M HIS BROTHER! HOW CAN HE NOT INVITE ME?!(Drink whiskey)
Alaric: Have you look at yourself in the mirror? He probably afraid that you steal the bride. There are practically millions of girls and a few creepy guys around the world want to have your baby, you know?
Damon: If Nina and I ever get married, (drink more whiskey) I'm so not going to invite him. You'll be my best man. Nina and I will be married by-
Klaus: Gentlemen...
Damon: This guy over here! Klaus can do the service, right? *burp* I mean, you're probably older than Jesus. (Drink all the whiskey)


The Meeting of The Hunter & The Vamp Part III Alaric: Jenna and I are back together. Thank God... (Drink beer) What happen to you?
Damon: Boy, everybody is hooking up this week. Will and Kate, you and Jenna, Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto... Wait a minute... Does this mean I have Elena all to myself?! Tee Hee!!! Romantic Delena moments, HERE I COME!!! (Drink up all the whiskey and about to get up when...)
Klaus: Gentlemen...
Damon: Oh crap... (pouting back to the seat)


The Meeting of The Hunter & The Vamp Part II Alaric: Hey... Why the gloom face? You missed Will & Kate balcony kiss on TV.
Damon: I'm bored... (Drink whiskey)
Alaric: Come on! Time to celebrate the love!
Damon: What's the point? Nobody loves me... (Drink more whiskey)
Alaric: Fine. Let's play a game. Whoever comes up to talk to you first is your lucky date.
Damon: Fine... I'll play along... I will kiss her first, *burp* and then we'll have a make out session in the restroom. (Drink up all the whiskey)
Klaus: Gentlemen...
Damon: (Whiskey spurting out of his mouth) Holy Hell... *Crazy Eyes on Alaric*
Alaric: Well... I think I better go... somewhere...


Damon: What do you think of my Stefan impression? Am I angsty enough?
Alaric: It's good, but I think you need to be whinier.


The Meeting of The Hunter & The Vamp Part I Background Music from the jukebox somewhere in Mystic Grills
*Song* Love Hurts, Love scars, love wounds and marks... Any heart, not tough or strong enough... *Song* Alaric: Want to tell me what's bothering you?
Damon: This song... It's damn irritating...
Alaric: Well, Love is tough. It is patient and kind. It does not take offense-
Damon: I should have killed the lead singer a long time ago if I knew this song would come back and bite me in the ass... (Drink whiskey)
Alaric: Well, Love is-
Damon: I mean, come on! Look at us! We're so pathetic that we can't even get laid with the women we love! I haven't get second base with Elena yet. She rejected me on first kiss and that's it! Damn to LOVE! I deserved better!
Alaric: Actually, Jenna and I are back together-
Damon: *CRAZY EYES* (Drink more whiskey) God, I pray to you to give me something that I can do with my life!
Klaus: Gentlemen...
Damon: GOD, DAMN IT!!!


Damon: I think I need a new obsession. I'm done obsessing about Katherine, Elena, the Lockwoods, the moonstone, the curse, Klaus... I need something new to obsess about. Any ideas?
Alaric: How about finding a cure for that werewolf bite on your arm?
Damon: Ugh.


Alaric: Remember the time we were badass and I punched you in the face?
Damon: Don't talk, please.


Damon: That stinch has followed me around all day. Where is it coming from?
Alaric: Sorry..


Ric:Osama's Dead?
Damon:No,its hs evil clone!
Ric:Wat do u mean?
Damon:There r 100's of hm,hvnt u seen Resident Evil?

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