The Vampire Diaries Promo: "Klaus"

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You don't know the whole story until you know his story.

We got our first glimpse of "Klaus" last night in the body of Alaric (read our Vampire Diaries review for a full rundown). Next week, we'll get his long-awaited back story.

April 21, in the episode fittingly titled "Klaus," get ready for:

  • Klaus still possessing Alaric (it appears so, at least)
  • Katherine-Klaus history in flashbacks circa 1491
  • The newly-resurrected Elijah in both eras
  • Some seriously pissed-off Damon

I believe the term you're looking for is "OMFG" ...

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im so scared about what might happen to caroline because people know that shes a vampire . i think that her mom will accept her but try to kill damon and stefan , and matt will turn against caroline and try to kill her himself . i hope damon saves her though , i miss their scenes together and i know that he cares about her even though he acts like he doesnt .


i am pretty sure katharina is the vampire, who is going to be sacrificed.


for the sacrifice ritual they need a vampire, werewolf, and a witch....i'm guessing that the ones being sacrificed are greta, jules....and?? not sure who could be the vampire.


Elijah is back!!! :D And he's really saying OMFG! I really looking forward to these flashbacks with Klaus and it seems like he's compelling Katherine to dance for him!


Is it just me or is Elijah getting hotter and hotter each episode we see him?


@nikkita, lets hope we find out who the baby is, cause like you said it is def.not Stephan and damon, and i think it could be klaus...or someone else, because they have to explain how isabelle became a descendant to katherine.


I'm more excited seeing Elijah back than I am seeing Klaus. I love seeing Elijah no matter what era he is in. I really hope they don't kill him off.


Hahah I love Elijah, he's so suave.


@Stephsister .. That is a very interesting qt. ? Im sure it's not one the Salvatore's . Maybe Klaus or Elijah .. They might do the thing like the Twilight Baby !


Katherina's baby daddy is probably between Elijah or Klaus, that should be fun! Well... I LOVE ELIJAH SO MUCH! HE IS SO PROPER!!! I love him, can't wait for next week show.

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