The Vampire Diaries Promos: "The Sun Also Rises"

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Next week on The Vampire Diaries, Elena tries to prepare for whatever Klaus has planned, Tyler faces his second transformation, and Matt and Caroline fight for survival.

These terrifying events quickly spin out of control, despite an unexpected act of courage. What do you suppose that means, and what (who) will be the consequences?

Damon also admits the truth to Stefan about a terrible new development they face. That likely refers to his werewolf bite, but there could be additional obstacles, too.

For a breakdown of where we stand right now, read our Vampire Diaries review from this morning. Now, here's our first look at the penultimate episode of Season 2:

What do you think will happen during the epic ritual next Thursday? Will any of the show's core characters be vanquished as a result of Klaus' grand plan to break the curse?

Follow the jump for an extended preview of "The Sun Also Rises" ...

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"stefan is going to pay a personal price", which is himself. I think that "klaus will show a softer side" as joseph described becuase he will become part of stefan somehow. the trade is to save his brother damon. this bargain will happen b/c the rital will not go throguht because jenna will die, hence no available vampire


I think elena will die, and then come vack to life and become a vampire. or her dad will die.


i dont think damon will die or elena will become a vampire becos in the last episode pics elena and group r enjoying a picnic and she seems happy in it.and damon is also attending the funeral.i think becos tyler has not fully transformed but jules was a full werewolf when bit the effect will be different.and i dont think he will finish the ritual.before that bonnnie and stefan will arrive and save elena.they will try to kill klaus and they will think he is dead.but the cliffhanger will be he is not dead.somneone will save him or he will be safe somehow


I don't want Damon to die, or any of the characters. Or at least Matt should die, He's no use. Tyler and Caroline would make a better couple. Stefan and Elena are boring, Delena rocks! :) But I think, it's Jenna who would die. Let's see what's gonna happen, can't wait for next episode.


i think Elena will die here and will become vampire...

David and sabrina 2014

This episode will be a huge shocker. Klaus will now kill Elena and I wonder what happens after she's dead and Klaus is free from the curse. Will Elena come back as a vampire? There's only one way to find out and that is to watch this episode and see what else will happen in the season finale. This show just keeps gettin' better and shocking at the same time. =O =)


and by the way isn't this season announced as the year of the K(C)at, i thiunk that Katarina must play some of her tricks to make this intertesting till the end! And what will happen to Michaela, think she's going to die, but hope she stays for some more eps or a series regular so it keeps being interesting(she plays a good werevolf bitch)! And when I'm talking of some ideas for season 3, I hope an female original will appear and take stefan on her side making him her love slave! Making some space for the E&D storyline!


This show is getting better with every ep! But this bite is giving me strange ideas! I got the feeling that after the cure Damon will become human again which would be a great twist!
But the chances are very low! For the ending of this ritual, its pretty intense, think that Jenna is going down and that Alaric was putting the red rose down for her!
But the Major question is where is Bonnie and when will she kick some assssssss! Especially Gretas ass!


so no=one knows the song played in the extended promo and cant believe 2 more episodes!!

Maria lov2blov

Sorry I've made a mistake in the phrase:"I can understand that it's MADE (not mad) to show his transformation to a better man but ..

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