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With a huge Klaus episode Thursday and the monumental events set for the April 28 and May 5 episodes of The Vampire Diaries, you'd expect Season 2 to end there.

Not the case. The season finale, May 12, features "something that we wanted to do that we felt was a really important element of our story for the whole season."

So says executive producer Julie Plec to EW: We knew that’s how we wanted to end our season. The sacrifice ritual gets us to that ending, but there’s more to tell."

Damon vs. Katherine

Damon's emotional torment builds with each passing week.

"If the sacrifice is the mythology resolution, the finale is the emotional resolution.”

The May 12 finale, entitled “As I Lay Dying,” is centered around another event – A Gone With the Wind movie night in the Mystic Falls town square.

It sounds like things boil down to a major turning point for Damon and Elena ...

“Damon, who is desperately seeking forgiveness from Elena for something he has done, starts to relive moments from past mistakes made with Katherine back in 1864,” Plec says. “As is always true with these events in Mystic Falls, things go horribly awry.”

There’s a lot going on in the finale, she adds, but because so much of it hinges on things that we haven’t yet seen, that’s as far as she can go at the moment.

But she does offer this.

”What we’re doing is telling the audience that when we hit Season 3, there’s gonna be a lot of things changing for our characters and in their lives."

"We’re excited about it because it just shows that the show has directions that it can keep going in, and we’re never gonna get stuck or tired."

"We’re just gonna keep tellin’ stories.”

Two thoughts:

  1. Awesome!
  2. What does Damon do, and will Elena forgive him?! How do you see the second season playing out, on mythological and emotional fronts? Discuss!

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I would vote for stefan and elena. aside from being a paul wesley's fan, as per the series, it is Stefan who loves the woman in a selfless way. and the other thing is, Elena loves Stefan and not Damon... Can you not get it? Stelena all the way! and acting wise, Stefan protrays his role well. and for others who said he is lame, I totally disagree... that is how his role is... and he carries it excellently... and i really don't like damon / ian.... Stefan / Paul is such an amazing actor, far way better than damon...


@Melanie i hope you are right cause i whoud love to see that happening more then they do some whichy spell and take away "the bite" as for Stefan becoming bad i hope he wont but i guess it needed to happen sometime.And as for Elena and Damon it had to happen from like 2nd episode of season 1 xD cannot wait for finale but ill be sad caus will have to wait till half of september for continue


OMG I figured it out!!! Klaus mentioned that he has plans for Stefan. I think Stefan is gna make a deal with Klaus to tell him the cure for a warefolf bite in exchange of him to follow Klaus and be a bad guy and leave Mystic Falls (Paul Wesley did mentioned on one of his recent interviews that fans will see a bad side of Stefan in season 3). Then Damon and Elena will stay at Mytic Falls and start to fall in love with each other and then Stefan will come back and there's your love tringle again!


Oh come on wr damion fans she does deserve 2 end up wiv elaina coz its hard 4 him 2 watch the person he loves wiv his brother dnt 4get stefan has done it b4 wiv kathraine!! Hope damion gets the girl!!!


F**king love vampire diarys nina dobrev is such a good actress x


Yikes, someone mentioned that Damon might be turned human? (maybe the wolf bite?)hmm I suppose as long as it was a short term plot point, I wouldnt mind. I mean, I can see Elena falling for the human Damon and then Stefan maybe turning him? (again) but I think in the end Damon is Damon because of being a vamp and it would be a huge mistake to turn him into a human character. He's great as a angsty, dangerous vampire.


#1. Not sure that E should become a vamp…I think it would take something away from the plot…it wouldn’t be as intense.
#2. I didn’t know that Damon becomes human in the books…I haven’t read them..but that’s an interesting thing to consider.
Damon was actually a much better human than Stephan was….I think that his icky characteristics are only because of the
anger he has over being a vampire. That being said….would he be as interesting a character to follow on the show…don’t know.
#3. The Boy’s beautiful so as long as he stays on the show…I’ll show up to watch. :0)
#4. I’d like to see Damon get his shot with Elena….maybe he has his ick moments but he’s real and you always know where he stands,
You can’t honestly say that about Stefan. I prefer Damon’s raw honesty over the polite, sensitive, PC, Stefan.


Elena needs to stay with Stefan. theres just no way she can be with Damon, it just wouldn't be right!


okk lots of stefan hate here i love both stefan and damon but stefan and elena are ment to be together damon and elena would be different there so alike and that would cause problems i guess and stefans not boringg and plus they shouldnt kill one of the main characters because it wouldnt be based on a love triangle thennn? lovee vampire diaries


damon and elena need to get together,, atleast give it a shot!!! stefan is just soooo blah, if she was wish damon she wldnt be soo upity

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