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The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: An Alliance Reconsidered

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"I know that I want Klaus dead, which puts me squarely on Team You." - Kat

Thursday on The Vampire Diaries, Katherine claims that she's reconsidering her alliance since she escaped the tomb, but should Damon and Stefan trust her?

It's the eternal question for the Salvatores, and not surprisingly, they're as skeptical as ever when Ms. Petrova makes her case in the sneak preview clip below.

Check out this scene from "Know Thy Enemy" and tell us how you predict things will play out for Katherine and our vampire brethren in her latest plan ...

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Katherine always keeps us guessing, i wonder what's she's REALLY up to.


I wish that Katherine and Damon would just back together. If Katherine would have just told Damon she loved him he wouldn't have chased after his brothers girlfriend. Damon was so mad when Katherine didn't tell him she loved him he went and broke Jeremy's neck. The whole Damon liking Elena thing is just to weird for some of us. Kinda like watching Jerry Springer...I want my brothers girlfriend...that's just nasty on so many levels.


katherine looks hot. haha BAMF!! love her


Every person has got their own choice for a partner,thus we both look a certain cretaria.


i absolutely love katherine. She is by far my favorite character. She makes ever episode so muc more iterestin. I cat wait to see what she does on this next episode. It sounds awesome.


I love Katherine! With her you never know what the deal is. She makes every storyline so much more fun to watch.


I'm not bashing....just in the whole scene he barely says anything....Hey, I love Stefan, and a lot...I just thought that what he said would be something that Damon would say...


To teamdamon4ever,even i love damon but why do you guys of damon fan bash on stefan,what is wrong with you guys


YAYYY!!!! cant wait for thursday! i think katherines doing another one of her acts, and her, isobel and johnathan r all in a plan that we dont know of yet.


I love these three!!!!!! Their scenes are awesome!!!!! Can't wait for the new episode!!!!!
Why does Stefan get the funny quote??? "Why don't you call Alaric and let him know his wife just showed up on his girlfriend's doorstep?" That's totally a Damon line!!!! LOL