The Vampire Diaries Insant Reaction: Discuss "The Last Day"

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Another week, another gripping and shocking episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Tonight's episode showed us the extraordinary lengths to which Damon is willing to go to stop Elena from being a victim of Klaus - but at a potentially staggering cost to her.

The Salvatore brothers' differing interests, just beneath the surface for some time, have now erupted into a full-blown conflict with more collateral damage than ever before.

Where it takes them next is anyone's guess.

What did you think of the episode? Our official review will be live soon. In the meantime, sound off in our Vampire Diaries forum, leave comments below, and vote in our poll.

UPDATE: Our Vampire Diaries review is live!

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What did you think of "The Last Day"?

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Funny how some people say they are tired of Damon and Damon and Elena are number one on spoiler tv for best romantic couple when they havent even officially been a couple, the fandom will go crazy when they finally do hook up, can't wait. They beat out Stefan and Elena and not only that, all the other shows on all different networks. It's just the truth, more people want more of Damon and Elena, so I'd just let the writers do what they want and stop complaining about too much Damon and not enough of the other characters. Right now I'm not complaining that Stefan and Elena are together, I'm just enjoying the ride. Regardless of the amount of Damon in an episode, the episodes still rock. Why get so up in arms about a great show?


i love the episode!!! it was so amazing!!.. i hope tyler and caroline get together.. i wouldn't mind matt ending up dead i wished he was the one turned into a vampire instead of jenna.. and the writers better not kill damon!!!!


I thought Season 2 was called the year of the Kat. Season 2 was about Damon. So tired of every single episode about him. The werewolf with Tyler transforming was so small. That was just WRONG. I'm so fed up with Damon.


Freakin awesome episode! Damon wont die from the byt.A Gilbert wil die,mayb Jenna? Elena a supernatural being?Amazing!!


@DETVD I agree totally, let something go right for Damon for once in his life! Damon forced the blood on Elena because he was desperate and he loves her and thought she would die and he would lose her. It wasn't right, but he recognized that right away and tried the whole rest of the episode to thrawt Klaus's plan so that she wouldn't be turned into a vampire and could live. Also, just had to say, I love Tyler too, so glad he was back.


@tamara. I agree getting bored of the damon show.


When Tyler came onto the screen, my friend and I started screaming. We both missed him, so we were happy to see him. I feel bad for Elena, Damon forced her to become a vampire. She never even wanted to become one. When Stefan started beating up Damon, I laughed. Damon stabbing Stefan in the stomach with that wooden pole thing, what an ass. The scene between Elena and Stefan, when Klaus came to get Elena, that was so cute. Poor Stefan, it looked like he wanted to cry. I'm happy that Damon got bit by a werewolf, I could care less if he died. I know people are gonna get mad at me, for saying this. But I really don't care. Damon has pissed me off, so much lately. He has also become the biggest ass ever. Damon’s bite isn’t even that bad, Roses’ bite was way worse. If Matt shoots Tyler, I’m gonna be pissed. I don’t want Tyler dead, I want him alive. I hope Tyler and Caroline get together, they look so cute together. Can I say, that Tyler was so hot in this episode. Poor Jenna tho.


@ tamera i agree im not tired of the damon show tho.. but damon does get the best material to work with and more screen time stefan's screen time mostly involves elena but i like him still.. because he is the boyfriend i wud want no matter how damon is in the edn he wud kill all his fans who are women and want to be with him because they are not dopplegangers lol.. face it he loves those dopplegangers and he would compel us snap at us if we told him we cared.. but he is kool annoying right now but kool loved him season 1.. not so much season 2 after he broke jeremy's neck that sold it for me i'm doin what elna cant do be mad at him for more than 3 episode lol


**I Meant Damon would die for them both.


@Tamara, I dont think there was too much damon there was just enough to tell the storyline of the episode just like with stefan. If he fought and all that he would be like Damon and Elena wouldn't see him like she does. Stefan is the safe choice for her now, hopefully she'll get with Damon in the near future. And as for Damon being a tortured soul, he is. He was in love with Katherine for hundreds of years and did all he could to free her only to find out she was out and about and didn't care about him and then her returning to say she only ever loved Stefan. Also Damon's own father preferred Stefan over Damon, and also Stefan played a role in Damon becoming a vampire, then compile that with Elena entering the picture and him falling in love with her, but she of course loves Stefan too, anyone would be bitter and angry after centuries of torture. Damon probably has never ever felt his love reciprocated in his whole life. His father clearly had a favorite and Katherine toyed with him, the only one he ever felt loved by is his brother which is why Stefan is still alive now because Damon would never kill his brother. And no matter how much he fights with himself he holds himself back from Elena for her happiness as well as Stefan's, though he would never admit it. Stefan would die for them both. In my opinion Damon needs a little breather, to finally have something go his way and not always Stefan. If you're tired of the Damon show then I'm tired of the Everybody loves Stefan show.


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