What's Eric's Future on Gossip Girl?

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The producers of Gossip Girl have big plans for Eric van der Woodsen.

Plans that involve any brilliant 18-year-old's rite of passage, naturally.

“Eric was always going to go to college. And when you find out where Eric will be going off to college, you will see how that’ll shape up in season 5,” Stephanie Savage says.

This is an open-ended plot line, considering that Connor Paolo has signed on for a new pilot (ABC's Revenge). So this gives the show plenty of options for his future.

Young Eric

At least Eric was in this week's family photo. Unlike Jenny.

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Does this mean that Season 5 is a dead cert then?
I thought it was all up in the air!
I hope it's true :)


The only innoncent one is leaving but I hope they have him coming back and guest star in episodes.


GG needs to get way more new characters because everything's been done with originals. Or Bring lil J back!


NOOOOOO dont leave gossip girl :(


he will probably.end up going to LA or something because that is probably why we are seeing pictures of serena as she is helping him and asking around.


He'll still come back to guest star. This show has helped his career and if he respect the cast and crew then he'll come back. Besides, we don't even know if the show will get picked up. And even if it did, will it remain or air for long? ABC cancel shows to abruptly. So I think he'll be back. On a separate note - I went into a laughing frenzy due to the caption on the photo. I realized that when I watched the episode this week, but I find it hilarious. XD


He'll still come back to guest star. This show has helped his career and

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