Where Was Chris Noth on The Good Wife?

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Where the heck was Chris Noth on Tuesday night?

As fans know, Tuesday’s epic Good Wife episode saw Peter Florrick’s campaign end in victory. The strange thing was that the man at the center of the plot did not appear.

In the final moments, a victorious Peter emerged to greet his supporters ... or so we're led to believe. A guy with Noth's build showed up, his face unseen by viewers.

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Executive producer Michelle King tells TV line it was a case of business side of TV at work, with scheduling and creative considerations resulting in Noth's no-show.

The actor is only a recurring player on The Good Wife and therefore not under contract. His availability was limited due to other acting roles, tying producers' hands.

“We knew he’d only be available for a certain number of the final episodes,” King explains. “We had some flexibility as to which episodes should feature Peter.

"We felt that creatively it would be best to keep him out of [Tuesday's episode] in order to focus on Alicia. That way we will be able to have the dramatic fireworks of a Peter / Alicia confrontation play out in the final episodes.”

Those episodes resume May 3. What fireworks do you foresee then?

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First off, allow me to say the writing, directing and acting on this show are fantastic. The absence of Peter was not only handled well, I believe it made us all focus on Alicia more, i.e. watch her facial rections, reaction to all around her, etc. While it was a small surprise to not see him on the episode, it is "The Good Wife", not "The Bad Husband". I see Alicia confiding in her brother, distancing herself from Peter and Kalinda, and waiting to determine how best to handle it for herself, her family and the future of all. I must say, timing this on the heels of her interview was a priceless move- very realistic and emotional.


I agree with Lisa's comment- Noth's absence was really distracting- I kept thinking why aren't they showing him? Rather annoying actually. Not the best solution to the problem- I would have just skipped the whole scene then.


I hope she confides in Will or their relationship develops somehow, but I think the writers will only toy with that. I think that Alicia should divorce Peter and go to Fox's firm however I don't think that will ever actually happen in the show, but real life-- I think those would be the right choices. But I am still not completely sure what I think of Will as a future for Alicia cause he can be a jerk sometimes, actually sometimes I think he is a lot like Peter.


That's so lame. I am a big fan of the writing on this show, but his total absence in these last two episodes is ridiculous. Took my opinion of the show down a few notches.


Alicia is going to put up resistance to Peter.I think she will test to see how long Peter/Kalinda will go not confessing.U think Alicia will confide in Will drawing them closer together.At this point Alicia will be pissed off and begin not trusting anybody and eventually will take Michael J Fox up on his offer


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Reese Dipple's the reason you're not at the firm. You sway Peter on this bill and Dipple will sprinkle rose petals as you step off the elevator.


It's hard to be on this side.