Will April Give it Up on Grey's Anatomy?

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Sarah Drew promises big twists for her character on Grey's Anatomy this season. Given what we know about April, you can't help but wonder if she will ... you know.

“There is something big that will happen to her that will change the course of her future. That’s all I can say,” she teases. “I don’t actually know what the arcs are."

"I know this one thing that’s going to happen in the finale is going to affect whatever she does next season.” BUT, she tells EW, it's NOT about her virginity. Really.

Keeping Up With Kepner

“In my latest conversations with producers and writers they were very adamant that April’s going to hang on to her virginity for a really long time," Sarah said.

"I don’t know if that means ’til the end of next season or ’til the show ends.”

Meanwhile, on the Calzona wedding front, Mama Torres isn’t going to make things easy for the couple on their big day, thanks to a sour, out-of-place attitude.

Her non-grandmotherly treatment of the baby may put a damper on the day for Callie, but not for viewers ... because there are two joyous occasions taking place!

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I have been reading spoilers all day and Alex is going to get CR. Keptner does something in the next episode and Mer tells her she is going to get fired. So NO Keptner isn't getting CR. And she really don't deserve it. She was the reason for Mr Clark to go on his shooting spree. She should have been fired in the first episode on this season. Alot of people are upset by the large cast and I totally understand that. They could start with getting rid of Keptner. And Lucy (Callie's Baby Doc) is getting ready to start filming Charley's Angel's so she will be gone soon. Then I really hope that Stark is just guest staring and he leaves too. I can't stand that man. They have Arizona back so I don't know what they need with him.


I personally think April is awesome. I love the original characterts, but I think April is awesome. Even I think she might get picked as the CR, but I was hoping she would get together with Alex. Dont go hating on me because of that...but I am an Alex/April shipper.


I have never really understood the hatred toward April. She fills a void in the cast. She's prissy, childish and annoying, but she's also kind, hopeful and innocent. She's a great foil to the original 3 and I think there are hints of Izzie and George in her. As much as I love and can relate more to Meredith, Cristina and Alex (and how jaded and snarky they are), April is a breath of fresh air. The virginity storyline is different (in contrast to all of the usual Grey's horniness) and I think it will play out beautifully. Plus, giving the fans exactly what they want doesn't always translate into interesting storylines. April as CR would drive Meredith, Cristina and Alex insane. Watching their reactions and her attempts to supervise the three of them would be pretty funny. And what is the Sarah Drew hate all about, too? She's a beautiful woman. Her portrayal of Kitty Romano (a small, but memorable role) on Mad Men was amazing. I think she's doing equally well on GA. Go April and Sarah Drew! - and this is all coming from a huge (from the series premiere) Cristina fan, for the record


April! Give It to Stark!!


A woman has every right to hold on to her virginity. It's her own body, it's her right. Just saying..


Do YOU ever stop? 24/7 on and on and on... YOU should stay on your meds. Anyone who can't see through you and your "pals" ain't looking close enuff.


I bet she'll put out to the old guy! :) and honestly, I kinda like the idea, I think they'd be cute together:)


Actually April and Jackson are the same year as Meredith and Alex... They say it in the ep "Almost Grown" when they all get to be attendings for the day except Lexie because she is a year behind the rest of them.

Doe rae me

April is 27, she is in the same class as Lexie, and Jackson, which makes her 27. The writers plan on having her hang onto her virginity for a while? YAWN! What a joke. It was interesting to learn that April was still a virgin (endearing, even), but only because it was going to be interesting to watch her decide to not be a virgin. The writers are going to kill the only thing interesting about April.


Can you imagine if April get pick for CR? The people would go nuts complaining. If this happend I can see people commenting that she should not have get that position beacuse she is not an original character, and that she doesn deserved a SL for the same reason.
That Meredith, Cristina or Alex should got pick to be the CR, that they deserve it because they had been in the show since season 1. I can already see Jo_1 saying that the raitings had gone down because Shonda didnt pick A,C or M. LOL Im just kidding. Anyway I dont care who get pick to be CR, but I would rather that they give the position to Alex or Meredith. I dont think that they gonna make April CR because the fans will go crazy and will start bashing the show and Shonda, but as we all know Shonda do what she wants to do. So I guess we will have to wait and see.

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