Will Bonnie Make the Sacrifice on The Vampire Diaries?

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As we know from last week's Vampire Diaries, Bonnie has been given the secret of how to kill Klaus. But will she make the ultimate sacrifice for her best friend, Elena?

"She is facing life and death responsibilities, so it's going to be up to her love for Elena, how much she is willing to sacrifice and what she's not," Katerina Graham says.

"Klaus is after Elena to sacrifice her, to kill her on an altar," she adds.

"[And] they need a witch. So besides the fact that killing Klaus, if she even tries to, might take her down, there's also the fact that he needs a witch for the sacrifice."

In short, it doesn't look good for Bonnie.

Bonnie Bennet Pic

Is Bonnie living on borrowed time?

Graham admits Bonnie is in danger: "I don't feel safe about myself or anyone. Unfortunately, we were told from the beginning that many people will go. I'm no exception."

Gulp. So when will she and Klaus come face to face at last?

She won't say, but does tell E! that it will be up there with, if not surpassing the head-turning arrivals of Katherine and Elijah. "Oh, you have no idea. You have no idea."

"It's going to freak everyone out. It's the last thing you'd expect."

As for the blossoming Bonnie-Jeremy romance, she says "you'll see the relationship she has with Jeremy really solidify and you start to see them growing as partners."

"They'll also go through issues, but you really see their growth."

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I think Stefan will die


I think Elijah is gonna come back,because if the knife is removed from his heart,he is gonna come back.so obviously some will remove the knife.


GUESS WHAT? Bonnie didn't die!


i don't think bonnie will die.


If any of the four main girls had to die, I would rather it be Bonnie. I hate her! I really, really hope its not Caroline or Katherine!


dat "you have no idea..." is giving my curiosity centre overloads!!!!
i guess dat matt will kill caroline (hope not!!)...n i think dat TYLER is gonna come back!!!!
(n rememba dat cousin witch of bonnie's?guess shes gonna cum aftr all....she said dat "youll seee me soon!")


As the only witch and Elena's best friend, Bonnie alive! \o/ And I still want Bonnie and Damon! =X


I do not think Bonnie will die.


i would love it if bonnie died, i hate her, but i don't think it'll happen.


plus if Damon dies...... there's gonna be NO brother duo or brother against brother or even Stefan vs Damon FOR Elena...... and Please not Alaric!!!! Jenna's been through alot!!!! Dang!!! why did Klaus have to choose him!!

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