90210 to Shake Up Cast; Does AnnaLynne McCord Want Out?

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Changes are coming to 90210.

With new showrunners Patti Carr and Lara Olsen on board, AnnaLynne McCord made it very clear in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly: many cast members will not be returning.

“That’s something we’ve been told,” the actress confirmed. “I think their reasoning for thinking they might slim down the cast is because it might be too much going with having people in different places."

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We already know that Debbie and Ryan are gone. Based on events from the finale, it would be easy to write out Liam. And perhaps Adrianna will be shipped off to therapy?

But with such a major development affecting Naomi to conclude season three, no way McCord is going anywhere... right?

Possibly wrong, however.

The actress told the magazine that she isn't very enthusiastic any longer about her role on 90210.

“Honestly, after about three years on a show, you’re like, ‘Thank you very much for giving me a step up. Now can I go do movies?’” she said. “We love our job and we love our fans especially, but you’re always ready for that moment when you can break free. I don’t know who’s going to be lucky, the ones who stay or go. We haven’t decided yet.”

Could the show write out Naomi? Sure, she's having Max's baby and could move across the country to be with him. Should the show write out Naomi? Would you still watch? Sound off now in our Comments section and in our 90210 forum!

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If Naomi leaves the show, I probably won't be that into it anymore. I think naomi is funny and her and max make a cute couple. He brings out the best in her and I hope he is around for season four.


I want Annie, nNaomi, Liam, Adrianna,Ivy, Max to stay for sure , wouldn't miss Teddy or Dixon-Dixion's been boring a jerk for the last 2 seasons for the most part- and Silver and Navid i don't like right now so i dk. I think the show has already let go enough characters-Tabitha, Ethan, Kelly, DDebbie, Harry, Ryan. I'm surprised they're having cast changes- bh90210 had around 10 sreies regulars for seasaons 1 & 2, One Tree Hill about 10 plus 3 heavily reccuring sereis regulars for the first 3 seasons. I have to agree that AnnaLynne may not be as succseeful in movies as she thinks/wants and she shouldn't bite the hand that feeds ya and 90210 is a stable job/income which is hard to come by right now specially in Hollywood/entertaiment industry. She should be grateful for what she has and make movies on hiatus or she shouldn't have signed on to do 90210 if all she wanted to do was make movies. Jessica Lowdes is the best actress on the show not Jessica Stroup,not Annalyne though theyre good too .


When 90210 first started, Annie was the main character, the core, the entire show revolved around her and her life. But as time passed, Naomi became the show's core and writing her out would be like writing out Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill and Eric Forman from That 70's Show. And besides, she and Max are the reason why I started watching this show again. If they're gone, I'm gone.


Naomi - max goes off to college and her and a new love intrest from cw deside 2 hav th baby together.
Annie - gets kicked out of college and gets an acting role in a slasher movie in which she cheats on liam with her co-star.
Silver - begins working for navid and dixon and soon finds her feelings for dixon have returned leading to an explosive love triangle.
Aidrianna - moves to hollywood and starts filming her reality show and starts a new career as a tv personality, also she begins an affair with liam, meanwhile his girlfrend annie aids only frend from high school, and ends up using annies fling with her co star to her advantage.
Ivy - dies with her new husband raj in a car explotion in th opening scene of the season leading to a mystery over the reasons for the explosion.
Debbie - has left with ryan on a trip around europe leaving annie and dixon with the house.
Emily - cousin emily has now returned and is secretly behind annie getting kicked out of college, then when annie lands a movie role her jelousy leads her to join forces with aidrianna to help her win liam and get annie fired from her movie job, she would later go on to turn on aide blaming her for annies downfall and steals liam away too.


IMO, Stroup and Lowndes are much better actresses than McCord.


PLEASE let Annalynne to stay! I love her so much


OMG , lol , just leave already. Naomi is the core character just because writers give her preferential treatment, not because AnnaLynne is great actress or Naomi is so over the top. Show would lose nothing , her storylines will get other actresses , who are way more talented in my opinion , no offense. I can say "bye" to this girl any day. Never was a fan of her or her character. I think there are bunch of other personalities that deserve way more than they get!


as for me AnnaLynne can go away right now . I couldn't care less. It actually annoys me that whole show has to be focusing at nothing else but her mess. I want worthwatching characters to finaly have decent screen time
Only way how this show can be ruined for me is Matt's or Shenae's leave!


if Naomi leaves there will be no 90210 she's the core and shlsnt go anywere!!! Annie on the other hand is too boring wth her gd girl image.


Ahhh...90210: The College Years. Remember that certain point in a network's flagship series when all the high school kids finally graduate and move forward with their lives? We've all seen it before (Dawson's Creek, The O.C., OTH, and most recently Gossip Girl). So 90210 is next in line to send of (some) of our beloved characters to college (parents-free). Here's my prediction on how S4 should go down: Annie: She was never really a fan favorite of mine. Always so self-righteous in the beginning. Then her character went down-hill during the second season. A lot of her poignant moments were dismissed (Uh, hello, he killed someone). But I feel like she needs to stay because her relationship with Liam has redeemed herself. MOVE ON TO SEASON 4 Liam: When Liam came aboard halfway during season one (to replace Ethan), I knew that he was our resident Dylan McKay...then the writers made him likable. His relationship with Naomi was such a mess (glad they're over). He and Annie are perfect together. MOVE ON TO SEASON 4 Teddy: Teddy was first a womanizer which changed within a season to be revealed that he was in fact gay. I loved how his storyline progressed in a mature tone and naturally. But c'mon...he didn't really have much to do on the show. I don't think he would be that missed. NOT TO RETURN IN SEASON 4 Naomi: The backbone of 90210 as Kelly became in the original series. We've watched her grow from a spoiled bitch brat to an unique woman. She also needs to stick around for another season. MOVE ON TO SEASON 4 Adrianna: The only reason I've continued to watch this remake series in the first place. Adrianna brings the drama reminiscent of Brenda and Val from the original series. From her drug overdoses in S1 to her reckless behavior in S3, Ade is someone that is going to keep us in suspense. MOVE ON TO SEASON 4 Dixon: The charmer of the series whom has recently became a background player. His character needs more to do and with college coming around, I think he needs more stories centered around him and not to involve a messy older woman claiming she may have given him HIV. MOVE ON TO SEASON 4 Silver: Everyone needs a friend like Silver. And I love when she has her bipolar episodes. Jessica Stroup is such an outstanding actress. MOVE ON TO SEASON 4 Ivy: BORIIIINNGGGGGGGGG!!!! NOT TO RETURN IN SEASON 4 Navid: At first Navid was a little annoying but his relationship with Ade (and later Silver) earned him a place in the cool territory. Besides I'm loving the bromance between he and Dixon. MOVE ON TO SEASON 4

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