90210 Season Finale Review: To the Future!

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Talk about pomp and circumstance. Not only did we have graduation - but we were treated to a wedding, a near suicide and a visit from the stork.

Wow...so Naomi got knocked up! And here I thought the big event would have been Ivy and Raj's Bollywood nuptials. Or the fact that Adrianna was getting ghostly visits from Javier and teetering ever so slightly towards insanity.

Nah. As usual, Naomi stole everyone's thunder in "To the Future!."

Congrats, Seniors!

Naomi let go of her dream of going to CU by taking the blame for cheating on her history paper. Accused by the principal and the creepy history teacher of a cheating conspiracy between herself and Max, Naomi didn't want to see Max's MIT future taken away from him with the threat of expulsion. He was stunned that Naomi would do that for him.

But she seemed cool with getting expelled and more than happy to just get her GED. Practically hysterical at the news of Ivy's impending marriage, planning the wedding seemed of bigger concern to her. Flaky much?

Liam threw Annie for a loop when he revealed to her right before graduation that he would not be attending college. Great timing, dude. Way to ruin the huge day. Feeling betrayed by Liam not wanting the same future as she had been planning for them and not being able to trust him, Annie broke up with him.

During his valedictorian speech, Max asked the graduating class what kind of person they wanted to be when they grew up. Answering his own question when he saw Naomi staring lovingly up at him, Max decided he wanted to be an honest one and confessed that he was the one who cheated. Shock and awe.

It was sweet, though, when Naomi ran after him and asked him why he'd fessed up and he said because he wanted to be able to be the kind of guy who deserved to be with a girl like her in the future. Be careful what you wish for, Max.

Ivy and Raj told their respective parents of their engagement. Raj's parents were pretty blase about the whole thing. It was laid-back hippie Laurel who basically had a cow at the news. Concerned that Ivy was too young to get married, her true fear was that Ivy was wasting her time giving her heart to a man who would be dead in a short time.

Meanwhile, Silver and Adrianna resumed their BFF status and swore they'd be friends until they were old ladies. Sure. Shortly thereafter, Adrianna started to get ghostly guilt-trip visits from her old buddy Javier. It was only a matter of time before she began to crack. You can't expect to find happiness bringing misery to others. And boy did Javier remind her of that.

Elsewhere, Naomi threw Ivy a bachelorette party that bombed big-time. Henna hand-painting and penis ice cubes in the drinks just didn't cut it. The guys threw Raj his own bachelor party that took a wrong turn when "Terry" the stripper turned out to be a guy. What to do? Make it a bachelor/ette party!

By the way, isn't the legal drinking age in California 21? And just how did a bunch of teenagers get a stripper to come over? Details, writers, details.

Everyone was having a blast watching Terry do his thing until Naomi grabbed Adrianna's bag and Silver's pills came flying out. Naomi asked why she had them. Busted! Silver freaked out, everyone stared daggers at Adrianna and the witch was cast out.

Silver and Navid proceeded to get back together. Liam talked to Annie and told her he had gotten a job on a deep-sea diving vessel and would be gone for a few months. He figured a couple of months at sea would help him think about his future.

I thought that was pretty mature of Liam. Not everyone should go straight into college after high school. Sometimes you just have to do your own thing. But Annie wasn't having it. She wished Liam good luck and basically brushed him off. 

Ivy and Raj

Dixon met with Laurel to convince her to go to Ivy's wedding. Since when did Dixon become the voice of wisdom and reason? Sigh. Laurel didn't want Ivy's heart to be broken but Dixon convinced her to go after telling her that life was short and Ivy was just seizing the day. Love conquers all.

Naomi was in full control freak mode at the wedding. Looking amazing, I might add, in that blue sari. Max showed up to tell her that his parents had forbidden him to ever see her again. Bad influence and all that. They'd decided to send him to a summer program in Cambridge in the hopes that would eventually get him into MIT again. Heartbroken, Naomi finally got an "I love you" from Max before he took off.  But at least she can go to CU after all.

Bollywood came to Beverly Hills when Ivy walked down the aisle. It was a full-on Hindu wedding elephant included. I would have loved to be at that shindig. Looked like fun! Living the remainder of his days to the fullest, Raj planned to spend them in the arms of his loving Ivy. It really was a beautiful ceremony with a killer ocean cliff view.

Stoned Laurel convinced Annie to let Liam "beat his own tambourine" and Annie ran off to say goodbye to him at the docks. Pledging her love and support, Annie watched as Liam sailed away. But will he sail back to her?

Shunned after her treachery was revealed, Adrianna showed up at the wedding looking like death warmed over and begging Silver for forgiveness. Silver simply walked away. Duh. How do you ever forgive a friend for something like that? No way you can ever forget.

Adrianna watched from that killer ocean cliff as her former bosom buddies partied without her. Egged on by Javier's ghost to jump, Adrianna finally shook off her demons and vowed to not give up and to try to be a better person. She's got a tough road ahead of her.

Having suffered a gash in her arm when Ivy's bridesmaids dive-bombed her for the bridal bouquet (which was hysterical by the way), Naomi went to the ER and came out with more than stitches. She delivered the news to Max in person. Baby on board!

Here's to the future. See everyone then!

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