American Idol: Down to Two!

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It will be an all-country finale on American Idol.

Following a performance show on Tuesday that consisted of three performances by the three remaining contestants, Ryan Seacrest delivered the bad news to Haley Reinhart last night: she was going home.

This leaves Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery to battle it out next week for the season 10 title.

Haley Reinhart Sings Goodbye

Reacting with both shock and gratitude, Reinhart looked around the venue after the eliminated was announced and said: "My oh my. This is the biggest platform any girl, anybody, could ask for. I rocked it out, and I had a blast."

She then belted out another rendition of "Bennie and the Jets," receiving a standing ovation as she made her way into the audience. We wish her the very best of luck.

Did America make the right choice? Who do you think will win it all?

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Haley should have at lest made it to top two; i can't say that Lauren didn't deserved it and you all know that even if you don't like her much like me you can't deny that she can sing.
Now Scotty?! His voice reminds me of the distorcions they use to keep peoples identity's secret. He's not even that cute! I'm twelve and his face reminds me of a lizad because of all the frekles...
This season had too many great ones, that was the biggest problem.
Don't you think they should separate them by sex so it wouldn't be another guy idol next year? They have six or seven of each and alternate everyweek.
As it turns out all the pretens in America are dumb enough to reward looks instead of talent.
I'm glad i'm not like that!


Haley was the truck driver of the group. She looked like a horse in the face. Little beety eyes, big ol horse mouth and teeth. Thank god for makeup. She should have gone home long ago. James and Pia should have made the top three along with Scotty. Casey should have been up there also.


Oh Haley, you were too good for this show. YOu will be very successful, hopefully. Don't care about the finalists.


Kenneth from 30 Rock will win.