American Idol Recap: Who Stood Out?

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Here is how difficult of a night it was to assess on American Idol on Tuesday: Lauren Alaina gave both the best and the worst performance.

Dedicating a cover of Martina McBride's "Anyway" to victims of the recent tornadoes in Alabama, the aspiring country star nailed every note and every emotion during her first time on stage, causing self-proclaimed heartbreak for Steven Tyler.

See what we mean here:

However, Alaina's follow-up attempt to act sassy during a version of "Trouble" came across as forced. Tyler admitted he wasn't sure if she pulled it off.

Scotty McCreery had an equally uneven evening, bringing tears to the eyes of viewers with the post 9/11 ballad "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)," yet getting overly hokey with an odd rendition of "Young Blood."

James Durbin was probably the most consistent, though neither "Don't Stop Believing" nor "Love Potion No. 9" would be included in his top performances of the season.

Finally, Haley Reinhart had her song choice questioned after selecting Michael Jackson's "Earth Song," but rebounded with what J. Lo dubbed one of the "best performances of the year" with "I Who Have Nothing."

Who is going home this week? Talk about a tough call! We'll say Haley. How about you?

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James has been horrible the last 2 weeks and his bad karaoke act is more suited for an Indianan theme park. The other 3 have some talent, Scotty should win it all.




Haley sucks and can't sing. She growls all the time and has a piss poor attitude. She needs to go


I think Haley is going home. Her attitude reallys turns me off. She comes off as a snip. She's from my area, but I just don't see any humility at all when the judges critique her.


I really enjoy scotty's voice (country) and he is very talented! I just wish he would STOP WITH THE LOOKS!!!, he is starting to look really goofy. And Lauren does need to mature a bit. I don't think she has really improved that much! James is OK, He's another Adam Lambert! If you like that style of singing. Haley gets my vote for the MOST TALENTED!!! I hope she dosen't get voted off tonight.


Haley will go home. She does not connect with the TV audience and her pouting was a bad move, came off as a spoiled brat. The public won't vote for that.


No Way! should Haley go home tonight. She is such a gifted artist and has improved the most. I agree, she should be in the top 2!!
Hang in there Haley! Don't let the judges comments get to you. HALEY ROCKS!!!


This show is not all about beauty and dance, it is the talent to sing. You cannot rob votes of a person who sings, and kills women when singing, who can do that.
Haley, has no connection to the poeople, she is a stage person, but not a singer. Either Haley should go home or Lauren. It should come down to the real two James v's Scotty. Who can sing to you and make you cry......and feel every moment, and touch your heart. It is Scotty


Haley needs to go home, she is a easy picker for songs, too safe...anyone can sing those...Simon would have sent her home, years ago. Scotty is the country boy...hold him win. Haleys voice, I don't like it at all, I think the jugdges are favoring her. Scotty is the most real and original. Be yourself....don't let the jugdes manipulate....


Your review sucks balls, Haley Reinhart is not going home you mofo. Haley Reinhart has the best vocals and style in this competition, and has delivered 3 'moments' on the idol stage. Even Adam Lambert and Kelly Clarkson are rooting for her. I'm looking forward to an all girl finale right here ^_^