American Idol Results: Who Went Home?

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An uneven performance night made tonight's results show one of the least predictable of the season.

Which finalist would not take viewers back to his/her hometown next week, Haley, James, Lauren or Scotty? After millions of votes were tallied, the eliminated contestant this week was...

... James Durbin.
James Durbin Pic

Considered by many to be the season 10 favorite, a stunned hush fell over the audience when Ryan Seacrest read Durbin's name. The rocker fought back tears and told the crowd:

"I worked so damn hard to get here. God, I was really hoping to get there, but, you know, I had a feeling today. God, I did so much stuff that's never been done on this show before ... In my eyes, in my mind, I did what I came here to do - and that was to give metal a chance."

With that, James chose "Maybe I'm Amazed" as his farewell song.

Think viewers sent the right contestant home? Weigh in now.

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Unfortunately American Idol will sink into extinction unless the judges express the need for more showmanship. Technique teaching is for school. Justin Bieber
is only a good singer but has great showmanship, like Britney Spears and Madonna to name a few. Great singing will develop with great showmanship. The idea around American Udol is to develop the singer's ability to sell millions of records. Randy jackson should go. Keith should stay but get away from technique criticism. Nicki should stay and continue her honeybun approach. She adds character to this show. Mariah is rhe best because she understands what it take to sell records. KEEP HER !!!
Producers you need a shot of reality.


Haley and James can beat the crap out of Lauren and scotty anyday of the week!!!!!!


I think Haley should have went home... James is our winner...


I cried like a baby when I found out. Like seriously. Farewell my love. Hope you make it in this cold world because I want to buy your new cd lke now


KAYLA27 HOPE YOU SEE THIS. ARE you taking about haily or lauren because your conments made me confuse a littla.


you know james deserved to win the whole thing lauren should have gone home shes good but i dont think she can handle the pressure. Ryan said on wednesday that this was the week daughtry went and he has the biggest career out of that entire season so we all know james will have a huge career. I love haleys voice its very unique but if scotty doesnt win im gonna be pissed. Haley acted like a baby wednesday and if she cant handle crap from two people she will never survive cuz not everyone will like her.


yay for haley
she talented she hot
she da winner lose... go home....stop beiing baby....


I was so mad when James went home, he was so awesome. James did an amazing job every single week, he didn't deserve to go home. I wanted Lauren to go home, James will be missed on the show.


scotty needs to go. what a dork. i think he is gay...
or lauren the goody two shoes........i hope haley wins!!!!


Boo!!! Haley needs to go!