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Ah, yet another cycle of America's Next Top Model comes to a close. 

The season finale saw Brittani and Molly competing for the top position. Molly seemed to have the edge going into the episode after a winning streak of three first call-outs. Meanwhile, Brittani was quite nervous and teary during the majority of the episode, despite nailing her CoverGirl commercial through her fears.  So, who won the title of America's Next Top Model? Read on to find out!

Finale Panel


Before their CoverGirl commercial and print ad, Brittani and Molly meet with Ivan Bart, the head of IMG. Both girls impress the boss with their looks and portfolio, but he seems to prefer Brittani's attitude to Molly's angry yet professional vibe. 

The CoverGirl product du jour is "Lip Perfection Lip Color." The girls will have a teleprompter - which doesn't necessarily result in better commercials in the ANTM world - while being filmed from different angles simultaneous. Sounds fancy! They also have their print ads, of course. 

Cue the tears for Brittani. For some reason, they have been paying off for Brittani during her photoshoots. Unfortunately, they won't work for commercials. Molly nails her lines during rehearsal while Brittani gets shaky and nervous.

However, art doesn't imitate life this time around as Brittani magically transforms into a gorgeous, elegant model for the commercial, while Molly looks a bit stiff, albeit professional and smooth. 

Vogue Italia:

It's time for the six-page shoot in Vogue Italia that Tyra has been promising all season! Riding high from her success at the CoverGirl shoot, Brittani hopes that she has an edge over Molly, who looks worried and sulky from the day before. 

But that takes a turn when Molly's mother visits the girls, giving Molly a much-needed endorphin boost. It's really sad to see Brittani without her mother, who couldn't make it due to medical reasons. Her mood changes for the worst while Molly and her very sweet mother spend some quality time together.  It's one of the most moving moments from this cycle to see Brittani promising her mother (over Skype) that she'll win so she could take care of her!

The Runway:

The girls are joined by Ann, the previous cycle's winner, Kasia, Alexandria, and Hannah, to walk in the famous Vivienne Westwood runway show. Famed for her theatrical clothing and makeup, Westwood is a fashion icon, and the girls are lucky to walk in her show. True to form, the girls have very punk-like hair and doll-like makeup. It's almost like Gothic Lolita with brighter makeup. Very cool!

The finale quickly takes a turn for the unexpected when Brittani, during one of her poses with Molly, GIGGLES during the runway! It's shocking to see someone laugh during a dramatic runway show. It's too bad because she and Molly had been nailing their walks until that point. 

To make matters worse, Brittani also takes a bad tumble after slipping on an errant rose petal! It's a pretty severe fall that she can't possibly salvage and manages to limp to the finish. Remember when Chantal took a fall in Beijing? Pretty sure that cost her the win against Saleisha.

Judges' Table:

The girls have new, fierce haircuts for panel... suggested by Ivan Bart himself! Molly looks so much fresher after her weave ordeal and Brittani can really rock the short look! She looks amazing. The judges begin to compare the girls' runway walks, commercials, and print ads.

I must say that I prefer Molly's CoverGirl print ad over Brittani's; it just seems more "CoverGirl" to me. I thought Brittani would be chastised harshly for laughing during the runway but Tyra lets her off relatively easy. Both are praised for their smooth commercial.

The judges deliberate over the collective body of work and spout some random model words like "It" factor, movement, romantic, etc. At this point, you can't tell who's going to win...

...until Tyra announces that it's Brittani!! Yes!! I was rooting for her from the beginning. She always takes fierce photos and has such a winning personality. While poor Molly takes the news pretty hard, she sounds like she'll be happy to be home. 

I'm pleased at Brittani's win! Do you agree with the judges' decisions or were you rooting for Brittani? Tell us in the comments!


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I thought Molly should have won over Brittani.....I can't stand how the "poor me" thing instead of great photos comes into play. Tyra was right when she initially wanted to send her home. By the way, where is she now??


I hate brittni. I've hated her ever since her unprofessional attitude at the challenge, and even more after her extremely fake "nervous breakdown" at panel after they called her out. She's fake. I wish Tyra had gotten her way and booted her.


Just watched Am's nxt tp mdl; What a crock; judges are truly prejudiced and rude! What a biased fakish show


I think is silly that the judges are the photograhers.. it makes it more about them them AND NOT the models. I used to watch. but now i feel its about a TYRA career. N it's not the models. sad


I found your 5:00 show on Friday July 21,2011. So disturbing. I know sometimes you have to be tuff, but the way you all treated that poor girl Anne was awful. It would make every Mother not want their daughter to be a model. That girl Anne will never have good memories from that. And she is beautiful with a wondwrful personality. Im sure she will do better with out your so called help.Im sorry, but I really could not believe what you all did to her. The way you did it was so cruel. Remember you should treat others the way you would want to be treated. And what goes around, comes around.


I wanted brittani to win so bad! She was my favorite from the begining!




I loved Alexandria - she was unique. Molly was the clear choice once Alexandria was out. Molly has an edge - which works for her as a model. It's what makes her pics so good. I think her walk was great! I don't get the issue with her walk - plenty of top models have that edgy, slightly bouncy walk. It looks great on her. Molly is more professional. Brittany is very child-like. The show alone and reaching the final 2 is enough to get Molly ongoing opportunities - and her talent will pull her through to success. I don't get this decision at all.


Well she's prettier than Ann....


This is the first year, with the exception of the elimination of Dalya (sp?) so early, that I have agreed with the top 2, and felt that the season finale was exciting. Either could have won. But I was thrilled that Brittani won. She was my favorite. She did have a few emotional issues, sure, but photographers, stylists and designers are used to dealing with young girls. They aren't going to be fazed by a girl that sometimes gets emotional, and then quickly pulls it together and takes amazing pictures, rocks the runway and is a pleasure to be around. And for the life of me, I cannot understand why Molly was so angry. I get she was adopted. But she was chosen by people who clearly loved her dearly! I would think that would help. But, I guess that is just the attitude problem that people were talking about. After my complete disgust of the selection of Ann last year, I think ANTM redeemed themselves this year!

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