Body of Proof Review: "All in the Family"

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Talk about creepy.

The murder on this Body of Proof made me shiver. Beethoven's Fur Elise played on the mobile as baby Sophie lay only feet away while her father was viciously murdered. With only shadows and a few drops of blood "All in the Family" painted a brutal scene.

I found so much of this storyline disheartening but still engaging. That the mother saw bloody footprints near her dead husband and immediately assumed  they were her 15 year old son's was sad and frightening.

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I know father and son fought but what must she think of her son that her first reaction was to suspect him of murder?

Our murder victim had no clue that his attacker was Mike's real father and now poor Sophie will never know the Dad who obviously loved her.

I wanted to smack Megan when she entered the Russell home near the end. What was she thinking? She knew Scanlon had committed the murder and that Jen was acting strangely when she wouldn't let her in. Yet, she went back to find the door open and walked right in. 

Megan's intelligent enough to know that something wasn't right but she's unarmed and untrained to handle the situation. For some reason she seemed incapable of making the smart decision to sit in the car and wait for the real police.

I wished they had delved deeper into Megan's father's death. We now know Megan was young when he died and her mother wasn't around but we know little else. How did he die? Was it foul play, an accident, or natural causes?  It's certainly a turning point for the character and I'd love to know more.

It was nice to see Peter stick up for Megan with Lacy. And snacks for carpool didn't seem like a bad idea but they could have used a couple of healthier options to go with the chocolate.

Curtis and Kate's conversation about who should determine if the boy was a minor was funny but Manny's expression at Curtis' explanation was hysterical.  It was a much needed moment of comic relief in an otherwise heavy episode.

This week's case really grabbed my attention. Add the creepy killer to these engaging characters and this episode was a winner for Body of Proof.


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Who played the wife of the murder victim in "All in the Family" episode?


I finally caught up with this show and that opening with the baby staring at the mobile while her father's being killed is so creepy. I wasn't expecting that.


mark.sparrow....I thought the same thing. Didn't Peter and Lacy meet already. If they swapped the order of the episodes then that might make some sense. Otherwise it's just poor continuity on a show I otherwise like.


thank you Sam, I have been looking for this song for days now, since ABC's website is quite outdated with their music lists for shows :)


I really like this show and I'm hoping it will stay around for another season or two... but I believe ABC is messing with order of the episodes of their mid-season series. Weird that I am I like to pay attention to these little, silly details. Did anybody noticed that Megan's daughter asked Peter who is he? And they had already met in episode 4, while she was making a video about her mother. The same thing happened in Happy Endings yesterday (btw not reviewed or recognized on tvfanatic which is the shame because I really love this show and keep my fingers crossed for it to be renewed for another season:/). Not a big and necessary a bad thing at all but I just wonder why they decide to do it?


Love this show, this episode made me cry as hell watching the scene when she left her doughtr at his ex house... For Christsake, the show ended that nigth and i kept crying for a wile...


Really am loving this show, I really adore Curtis his facial expressions and accent crap me up. I agree it would be nice to know a little more about Megan's father and what kind of cop tells a little girl like that her father is dead.


@Catalina - Sara Bareilles - hold my heart


What was the song that played at the very end of the episode "All in the Family"?

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Body of Proof Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Kate: So, Megan's ex-husband. Huh?
Todd: I know. I'm quite the curiosity, aren't I.

Roll up your sleeves or the warrant I get will be for a cavity search.