Body of Proof Review: "Buried Secrets"

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Everyone relates to loss in different ways. On Body of Proof, Detective Joe Salerno's death caused a ripple effect, touching everyone who came near it.

The biggest revelation in "Buried Secrets" was that Megan's father committed suicide when she was a child. What a horrible burden for a kid to carry around and it obviously still affects Megan into adulthood.

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Megan's mother, Joan, has proven to be a real piece of work. Megan wanted to exhume her father's body. Perhaps he was ill. A disease may have caused him to commit suicide or he might have been trying to protect his family in some way. No matter what it was, Megan needed answers.

Joan flatly told her no. Exhuming one's husband could not be a pleasant thought, but Megan was obviously looking for some sort of closure. Being a doctor and medical examiner this could give that to her.

Joan simply told her daughter that her father left them and she needed to get over it. That's cold. I suddenly understood why Megan avoids Mom like the plague. 

Ethan's story about losing his guinea pig as a child was sad and sweet. In his own strange way he was trying to relate to Samantha and the death of her friend. Plus, it painted a heartbreaking picture of a sad, lonely little boy.

Even Kate was touched by this case personally. She remembered the distraught parents from the unsolved Lizzie Adler case. Kate clearly felt a bit of kinship to Megan, even though she's not allowed to flaunt the rules the way Megan is prone to do. 

"Buried Secrets" left me wondering if there was even more to Megan's father's death than a simple suicide.  There must be a story there and I hope we get to hear more of it.  It would be nice to see Megan get her answers, no matter what they may be.


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I can't believe the season finale is this week. Didn't this show just start. It doesn't seem like they've given the audience very many episodes. Will it be back?


I love this show and I have been a fan of Danas since China Beach. I hope we see more about her father, I think there is more to this then meets the eye. As a mother of grown children, if my child had questions I like to think I would agree to let them find out the truth. Hopefully the characters mother will too.


i love this show, it is very well writen and Dana plays the role excellent...her husband is a cad, she was wronged in that area. It should be very interesting to see what happens next week, i hope she gets to see her girl more, she needs that....keep up the good work......