Bones Burning Question: Where Was the Love Scene?!

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Why didn't they show it?!

That's what many Bones fans are asking regarding the scene that wasn't. With viewers unsure if Booth and Brennan even hooked up, the Season 6 finale's ending, in which she revealed her pregnancy, came absolutely out of nowhere ... which was the point.

But, here's a conspiracy theory for you ...

Our Beloved B-Squared

More than a few fans have suggested, in the aftermath of the season finale, that Brennan may have gottem pregnant by using Booth's donated specimen instead?

That would be an interesting twist, but had she done that, Booth likely wouldn't have been beaming at the news - he likely would've been as stunned as we were.

While he got a kick out of the idea, executive producer Stephen Nathan tells TV Guide that he was more concerned with feelings than conspiracies.

"Whether or not we see them jumping around in the sack did not seem as important as the emotional acceptance of who they were to each other," Nathan says.

"[The pregnancy] cements their relationship and forces them to accept the fact that they are a couple, in love and that they will be moving forward together."

Do you like the way it was handled? How do you predict Brennan's pregnancy will shape the seventh season of the show next fall? Leave a comment to discuss!

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esperooooooo con ansias la temporada 7


en verdad lo del embarazo al final, sin una minima mustra de amor entre ellos fue una embarrada gigante; porque creo que todos los que somos fanaticos de BONES esperabamos ansiosos el momento de amor entre brennan y booth. indeed the end of pregnancy, without a minimum above shows the love between them was a giant mud, because I think all of us who are fans of Bones were looking forward to the moment of love between Brennan and Booth.


It was a shock but Iam happy with the season end. Just don't kill the baby off or I will never watch it again!!!!!


Really excited about next season! Bones and Booth have been in love with each other for so long but Bones was just too afraid that she would lose Booth if their relationship changed. She's finally ready to go for it and, I couldn't be happier to be along for the ride! I do think she'll have a girl and name her after her mother. But I really did want to see everyone's reaction to the pregnancy. Especially Angela's! The only down side I see is that the FBI probably won't let Booth and Bones work together after they find out about their relationship and the preganacy.


I wonder if it will turn out to be a dream sequence for either Bones or Booth, not the real thing, since they both may have thought about this. Then they could develop the whole thing a little more next season where they seriously think - or do something - about it. Just an idea.


If they have a baby girl the name leah would be fine by me but that's my favourite name in english so i'd name anybody's kid that (i'd change my name to that if i could...)


Love it! (but don't mind a little show of affection or romance? Agree with Katrina let Bones 'love story' be unique. Let them discover their love for each other slowly.... But please let them show that they care for each other..really crazy for each other in every episodes in the next season....


I'm excited for season 7! I honestly think that Bones is one of the few shows where the will-they-won't-they couple can pull off such a storyline. Like, if Tony got Ziva pregnant on NCIS, that would NOT fit at all! But I have a feeling this will be good.


I like the way that this season had ended. I have been waiting a long time for the show to put them together. I was hoping that they would have more interaction with each other so that the peple watching te show see that something is goin on between them. But all in all I was so glad when they finally got together in the show.


So glad I'm not the only one whose was scratching their head trying to figure oh if the "will they/won't we" did or didn't hook up this season. I heard somewhere that Deschanel is pregnant in real life which is I'm sure a huge factor in them ending the season the way they did. And I would be more than happy to NOT see an edited sex scene. But a kiss woulda been nice. An inkling that these 2 were actually accepting their feelings for each other & the way they acted in the finale undercover as a couple hardly seemed show it. I was wondering how they were going to start next season & I read here they are jumping a month. I can't say I'm surprised but it's also possible that they manage to keep at least the pregnancy if not the relationship underwraps until then & it can be seen. That or I would really enjoy some nice flashing back to fill in the gaps. I know I'm gonna sound likea13 yr old girl but One Tree Hill has really done that successfully in my opinion (heck they jumped4 yrs of college!! But u still know what went one then). All in all, it has been found lacking in my opinion ( I hope thats because it's a season finale & they are trying to leave you guessing) & they will resolve a lot of this in the next premiere. Fingers crossed!

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